Mice Faces (Update full mouse/fur)

Here are some images of a render im making called “the bravest warrior”, so far i have the mouse’ body finished and have some different types of heads, and texutre apptemps, which one looks better, (i think 1 or 2), C&C please (i know only the 4th pic has whiskers, i will still add them to the others)


I like number 2 the best

My favourite is number 2, too :D. Nice work, I’m looking forward to see the final render.

I agree number two has the most personality will he have a mouth? What are you using for the fur?

im not sure about the mouth, he doesn’t have of as of yet, becuase i find it very hard to make, and if it remains closed it will be barely visible beneath the fur

to make the fur i use static vector particles, about 6 layers of different colours, beneath the fur is uv mapped fur with i use as a refernce. I’ve got the whole body modelled, yet my server is srewed :frowning: so i can’t post now, but i will once i can

It’s not based on this book is it? I’m reading it with my kids, so I was just curious. He’s a bit of a hero mouse and I’ve heard that this book has been popular.


Number 2. Number 1 is much too chaotic, IMO.

actually i was inspired my martin the warrior, a character from the redwall series for children, i’m sure you’re herad of it

Here’s some pics of the work so far, i plan to make a scene of a warrior mouse coming home to his son and wife, althought i had originally planned to only make the mouse on a white backgrough, C&c please

wire frame

mouse with UV texture

mouse with fur

mouse and sword
(Note: the last image is a concept, i know the arms are screwy and stuff)

strangely enough i got very excited about the making the sword the mouse is holding and put much effort into it, and i think it looks amazing (maybebetter than the mouse)

mouse’ sword

the sword is definitely a good one, I like it a lot. Maybe make it not as clean, because he’s coming home from battle, and his blade is not going to be shiny… Maybe a cloud tex applied to the spec of the blade will help, spec or hard, or ray-mir if you’ve turned it on…

Also, I like the sword/mouse concept too. Looks good, even with the arms screwy. Fix them and you’ll have a winner. I’d be curious to see the current concept with the fur and the blade, to get a feel…

overall i really like it.
bit by bit… i still really like it.
great idea.

I like the wireframe the best!

No, really, great modeling!

Kewl stuff, man. Love the modeling and the texturing. If you can bring the same quality to animation, I’m looking forward to see the final result:)

hey it looks like one of the creatures from the redwall book series nice sword im sry i agree beter than the mouse

Very cute

I prefer the furred version, but the fur is too random, IMHO


here’s a shot of the mouse and some armour on him


Is he posing for the wife and kids? :slight_smile:

Love the sword. Nice details.

Very neat model so far. I instantly recognized it as a redwall character, and the fur looks appropriate, if a bit random.

Im just concerned that the armor, which looks perfect (but perhaps some breast plate would be nice) well be wrecked when his fur particles start poking through the mesh, but I suppose that could be solver by removing fur from where the armor will be.

Also, while his current head is perfectly suited for a combat “grimace”, he will probably need a mouth to help convey that sense of “honey, i’m home!” a victorious soldier would have.

Good luck with this, I think we all look forward to seeing its completion.

very nice! I agree with S68, it looks like it got an electric-shock :smiley:

The last one is really great, I like a lot the small armor you started to add, and the pose and angry look of the character.

The version with the fur is a bit strange but cute too. :wink:

Hey thanks guys, I’ve decided that the current character, will not be in the scene with his wife and kids, at least in that stance, Someone on CGtalk suggested that he be waiting around the corner with his back against the wall for an enemy

for now ive decided to leave the fur, becuase i’ll add it once done the armour, anyway here’s a shot of him will a mouth and teeth, as well as more armour, im also thinking about a breastplate or just a belt strap going from his left shoulder to his right thigh (to hold the sword on his back)


I’d like to make an array of animal characters (mole, mice, squirrel, etc), and then put them in a peaceful scene. (i’m think about a scene called “Jam season”, which as some of these character in mole’s home, carrying buckets of harvest, and sitting arond a table talking, ), but for now I’ll finish the mouse warrior