Michael Jackson Conspiracy Theory

There’s one theory that personal doctor of M.J. was killer because of mason suit.It’s not Phoenix Wright to witness every crime without crime makers tricks so easily.There’s another theory first paranormal activity started in journalists exploring Michael Jackson’s house.Rumour has been stating that he stopped his career in 2009 and changed his face for the last time if we reverse Stranger in Moscow.Maybe that clone was dead right now like Adolf Hitler conspiracy death theory in 1971?

I’ll have some of whatever you’re smokin’. :slight_smile:

At least the “Dr. Feelgood” was convicted, of murder. (I think that’s the first time this actually happened, even after we’ve lost so many great artists to prescription drug abuse.)

They didn’t go after any of the pharmacists or anyone else, who plainly knew what was going on and who were all so obviously complicit in it (to their own enrichment), but at least it is a tiny start. What it won’t do is to bring one of the world’s greatest performers and dancers … back.

I bet real McCartney was drug addicted and something happened to his teeth.Rumour makers are thinking “Paul is Dead”,“Micheal Jackson is alive”.What if Billy Shears replaced Paul or why Micheal Jackson fake his death-why this shall be a secret?I don’t it’s real.It’s just gossip very loud gossips.