Michael Jackson

Does anybody even remember a time when Michael Jackson was totally awesome?!? People we have to put the fact of his current doings behind us and look to the past. We need to remeber that under the shame, the plastic, and the oddly white skin, Michael Jackson is teh shiz. WHO’S WITH ME!?:eyebrowlift2:

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Dude his music is really cool. You know that song by Alien Ant Farm “Smooth Criminal”? Yeah, that was MJ first.

I heard he used to be a very decent pop singer until he decided to look like a girl.

At least Britney Spears seems to be starting to clean up her life.

[quote=Cyborg Dragon;1210836]I heard he used to be a very decent pop singer…

CD, that is the understatement of the year. During most of the 1980’s, he was the King of Pop. There were basically two divisions in 80’s music. Those being MJ and then everyone else. If I had a dollar of every kid in my elementary school that had a thriller jacket I would be retired by now. One note on his wired behavior, the poor guy was born and raised in Gary Indiana (a horrible place to visit, a putrid place to live, but a great place to get killed). That place is so full of pollution and toxic waste, I am surprised any of the Jacksons are still alive. It is amazing he stayed (sort of) normal for as long as he did.

So anyway, yes I remember when MJ was cool. He made some great music and caused almost everyone in the World to try to walk backwards for a decade.

And I remember an uber cool kid wearing a micheal jackson t-shirt many decades ago.

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Im with you!

He still is!

Im 19, so i wasn’t exactly around when he was at his ‘greatest’. But i still love his music, a lot of my friends do as well. Theres been a few good nights when we’ve gone for drives, packed my car full and cranked up the MJ songs.

Billy Jean is my favorite, followed by all the others. His latest album release (the thriller special) clearly demonstraits he still has it, especially with the re-release of ‘Wanna be Starting Something’ Its even better than the original (dare i say it)

For anyone who thinks hes lost it, check out this video from his 30th anniversery. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l74Y_p6or00
You have to watch until the end, best dance solo ive ever seen.

I hate pop. I hate MJ.

w00t, Michael Jackson



Your right, there was never a single particular time, because hes always been cool. :cool:

Bro Im so with you, Micheal Jackson is awesome. The dude freakin invented modern male pop artists. And whoever said they hate pop: Whatever. Ive heard metal heads try to rag on pop music because’ its not even music’. I don’t know what the heck you label your metal as, but it sure doesn’t showcase much in the way of musicality(don’t get me wrong, I like a little metal from time to time). Learn to appreciate more types of music, chances are that your metal artists were influenced by a pop artist, or their influences were influenced by such and so on.

And on that other note, CD, I certainly hope she is. I know she’s your basic pop sex symbol, but her life has just been sad lately… have you heard about that tell all book her mom wrote? Just sad.

@Ebow: There was never a time when you were cool.

There are kings everywhere, I made a small list for you.

POP - Michael Jackson
RAP - Enimem

Martial art - Bruce Lee
Blender - Zarnik :eyebrowlift2:

Anyway I’m not so into the singers, but the music. So I don’t know any besides Michael and Eminem xD. Love country though…have anyone here seen o brother where are though…?

@Zarnick, that is an interesting list. However, I don’t think Enimem (or Eminem) is got what it takes to be the King of Rap. Being a child of the 80’s I would go with Run DMC or or anyone with DJ or MC in their name. As for country music, I also love old country music (Folk, western, Blue grass, hill billy, and whatever other name it has been called) and have seen “o brother where are thou”. That is a good movie with great music.

people say what they want “oh he’s a freak” and all that, but just as soon as someone starts imitating his dance moves (doing it well) they’re all like “hey! micheal jackson! yaaay!”

say what you want, i’ll always like him :slight_smile:

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That’s just not true. I am very cool!

Any man who can inspire this is going to be cool for all eternity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMnk7lh9M3o

YES! Michael Jackson was great! Nowadays we just get tasteless copies…

(go Pop, metal, Rock, whatever!! gogogo!)

@Ebow: ha, no offense meant :wink:

@DichotomyMatt: Hmmm… MC Hammer perhaps? No, Id definitely agree that Eminem, while talented, is not the king of rap by any means.

@Zarnik: Im really not a country fan, but the “Oh Brother where art thou” soundtrack is great.