Michael w's sketchbook

First post, here’s some older sketches:

Ediited for thumbnail…



Ok, the last couple of nights I’ve been trying dyntopo: Started with skin mod: This is 99% clay tubes at this stage! i love the enrgy yu get from visible directional strokes… matches my 2d painting style!


Here is my first attempt: terrible likeness, and a bit lifeless: killed by the symmetry!


I realised that my “clay tubes” portraits had teh proportion “off” a little… so I adjusted and resculpted and polished…

SStill working on this,but not tonight! The likeness is getting pretty close now! not fully there, but I’m pleased!

and one more!


My five stars sir!
Nothing else to say.

Nice stuff!

Love the energy in the pose.

Thanks guys!

She’s an energetic girl! I am pleased with how it’s turning out… I was stressing about underusing teh hands earlier… need to make theat right hand good and count for expression!

5 stars from me too. i love how you sculpt :slight_smile:

Veery good.

aw, Thanks!

Here’s another sculpt for this evening: (quick and dirty and back to symmetry… needed a change…
Sorry it has so much less life… it seems that poses are really the thing!

been refining… not much advanced! i;m pleased how far a little assymetry goes in the abs here… shame about teh wrists and underdeveloped hands…


And attempting a t-pose of teh girl… it’s better but not what I’m after… forearms, calves, hands and feet need sorting…

and I’m not happy with teh likeness… to old looking. I want a version that’s animatable though… so am persevering with teh t pose thing…


I don’t think she looks older. It’s the lighting, most importantly the material. Try SSS before you start smoothing it, please. LOL

good start on the tpose… i agree with michalis, she is not older, it comes from how you render her… check the head size, it seems too large to me.

Man, this mix of X-Men and classical sculpture style just short circuits my brain (but in a good way :wink: ), especially when nudity is included!

Keep up the great work!

your works are amazing but you don’t take care of the faces,you have to work in them a little bit.

Thanks everyone:
Michalis, right you are but I want to get teh likeness better,
Doris yes I see what you mean… I haven’t addressed the head size yet as you can see…
Alketbi… for skeches I’m happy with the resolution… but for teh animation version that’s exactly what i was working on…:

Not finished yet, head still too big ad hair cobbled in from teh other model… but pleased hoe this is turning out.

Michalis as you can see It’s not about smoother, just proportions and refined features…

Funny, how different the tools react in multires and dyntopo. Isn’t it?
The explanation is obvious, still funny.