Michael w's sketchbook

(Michael W) #141

fabrics: especially like the leather!

(Michael W) #142

Refined the male head sculpt from a few posts back to be more of a self portrait. i keep skippingfrom task to task at the moment!

(Michael W) #143

updated again… better I think!

(Michael W) #144

it’s a strange journey! in many ways an excercise in humility. my last update was concentrating so much on lines and landmarks that i overwhelmed the primary forms. it’s lovely to sculpt and reflect and observe… it was surprisingly easy to take what i had and be critical and push and pull it to regain the underlying shapes. this update is one where the errors are mostly minimised. in some ways i want to delete the earlier progress pictures as they are so far from the mark… I hope it’s not boring to see the process… sometimes it’'s just exciting to post progress (warts and all)!

(Michael W) #145

POSE CHECK! lots to fix up in knees/shoulders, forearms and hands…

(Michael W) #146

decided to finish my node groups for making rule based systems (height, slope,vertex paint, id masks etc… this is a relatively simple test using only 3 base materials but with my node groups it’s easy to layer strata by height, slope etc, use noise based macro variation and just layer up as much as i want. the underlying geo is just a tessellated plane with some very basic height… just pulled a few polys up here and down there at random.

now it’s a case of making a set of materials that can work as a coherent environment and having some fun!

(Michael W) #147

I found that since all displacement is vector based now i had to rethink how i was doing this…onthe last post i’d got offsets for height blends wrong which led to aareas with sharp spikes rather than good height based blends… and i tweaked some values!

(Michael W) #148

Been sculpting and refining some more… minor upgrades i guess and i probably shouldn’t spam the thread to much but i keeo flitting back and forth between projects at the moment!


another angle… more chairascuro

(Michael W) #149

EXPERIMENTS with displacements… really should combine this with the landscape tests from a few posts back!

and another…

(Michael W) #150


proper hands and rig:

work continues on the self portrait:
i finally feel like i can use the hair system with predictable results! lol

still a few tweaks to do on the base mesh then I’ll do a high detail sculpt with pores and wrinkles and final colour/roughness/bump map! this is just vertex colours on the base mesh for now

(Michael W) #151

you dont know what you have until you render… many refinements to shapes…still more to come!

(Michael W) #152

HMM… lost the primary form of the jawline and maybe overdid the forehead angle… thanks blender for shrinkwrap… this last change needs a lot of tidying but i think is better!

(Michael W) #153


(Michael W) #154

More subtle tweaks…