Michalis's sketchbook

Starting with something old. Some years ago, 3dcoat, zbrush and blender 2.49.

hi michalis, we opened our sketchbook only 2 minutes apart…lol…i am looking forward to watch yours growing :slight_smile:

Thanks doris
Another old stuff. 3dcoat and blender 2.49, (ng tree)

So, I decided to collect some stuff here.
A dyntopo study at ~1M (yes I can do this, but better avoid it LOL)
Only blender, cycles renders.

Multires sculpting on a base by Sanctuary (if I recollect correctly)

Dyntopo/retopology/multires/shrinkwrap study. cycles

Something based on the displacements + UVs sculpting method.

A fast study, unfinished, on KirkDouglas (dyntopo/cycles)

Dyntopo, retopology, Us, the rest (shrinkwrapping projection, some detaisl and tints painting in zbrsuh). Blender Multires didn’t like the mesh at all) LOL
Cycles, SSS marble

ah, as expected - beautiful inspiring work!!

I need to get better! lol

Some really nice stuff.

Thank you all,
Thank you for the *5 as well. Too kind of you.

I need to get better! lol

hey, nobody needs to get better. We just need to spend more time, to be better artists, not better technicians.

Your work is very artistic and besides a good sculptor you are also give beautiful renders.

Love your stuff! Outstanding work! :smiley:

Great Work michalis. You do great work!

@ michalis…
man you really have the 3D realisim thing down guy… i’m in total awe…

These sculpt are AMAZING :smiley: Great Job! Can’t wait to see more

I remember the greek temple with the statue, still awesome even today, i hope it finally ended in the gallery i remember being puzzled as why it was not in it at the time.
Michalis, seeing at how incredibly realistic your work is with those superb materials you have, i’m wondering, are you doing some sculpt on real world material too ?

Dude, your stuff is amazing. How long have you been doing 3D?

ah, good to see the king of sculpting posting here! I really like how expressive your head sculpts are

how long did that KirkDouglas sculpt take?

Thank you all,
“the king of…” hey Jeep let’s be reasonable LOL
Kirk took me some hours, though it is still a sketch. Such sketches may take 15 mins - 15 days. LOL
“How long have you been doing 3D?”. 3d sculpting - zbrush-blender-3dcoat etc ? almost 3.5 years. But, my first 3d tries back in 98… (strata3d, bryce lol)

Great and inspiring work as always Michalis
Keep them coming

Nice michalis!

Great work!
Are you planning to 3d print one of your sculpt?
There are new 3dprint tools in Blender2.67.

Your last post could be exhibited at “La Biennale di Venezia”!
picture this! A 2 or 3 meters long version!(would need a very very big 3d printer!):slight_smile: