Mickey Mouse, now with inverted colors!

Its still a WIP. Also before anyone points it out, the colors are meant to be inverted! :wink:

I am pretty proud of this one, I was trying to follow reference images but then realised “Yep this aint gonna work” and decided to try to do it without following references, which really was what I had to do complete it, so woo! Its fully rigged from the boots and up, I am pretty proud of this one. Each part (yes, even the legs, boots and hands! :eek:) are their own unique model, I found it easier to model it that way, might not be the best solution, but eh, I ain’t the best when it comes to full body subsurface models :frowning:

I am gonna make the head of course, its just that my head can’t wrap itself around how to make the Mickey head, I’ve attempted to look at tutorials, other Mickey models, yet I just cannot begin to think how to make the head, which is unfortunate, if anyone has some tips or tutorials, please tell me.