Micoscope Model

Hello, i’m making this microscope model and i think it looks good just in parts ( base middle, and top ) maybe i’ve just looked at it too long i don’t know.

any advice/critique would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Wam


Hello my 72 fans, currently, who have viewed this i thank you. i have made an update to my microscope and here it is. still looking for “quality feedback on your serious works” that the prompt promised me.



I’m not a fan and if you get all screwy on me and I’m off :wink: (BTW how many critics have you given lately?)
But jokes aside I think you have a good model but it lacks textures. Currently it looks like CG Model of a microscope not more not less.
Make it used by weathering the materials.
The light at the bottom looks weird. Maybe make it slightly transparent and model an inside. Just being yellowish just doesn’t look right.

thanks for commenting, to be perfectly honest i’m not sure to go about weathering textures, do i add a cloud texture with alpha? uv map, i dont know. i see what you mean about light

Ok, you asked for it, so im gonna be cruel :wink: I’m gonna critizice it with the assumption you are going for a photorealistic render.

By “weathering”, he means that you should add scratches, stains, blemishes and the like. So If you don’t know how to UV-map, then im sure this would be an excellent time to learn.

To me, the lighting seems weird. But it might be viable if the main source of light is a strong lamp added specifically to light the microscope. I’d rework the lighting tho, as is the eye is drawn to the shadow, not the microcope.

The metal lenses have a nice material, but the rest… well the wall is ok. The black plastic(?) looks like rubber. I think part of the problem is the speculiar highlights, i think they should be harder. Part is that edges are too smooth. If its subsurfed, add some more edge loops close to edges to make them sharper. If it isnt subsurfed (probably better in this case), use the “auto smooth” button in editing buttons, or mark edges as sharp (ctrl-e).

The grey parts i don’t know what material they are. The beige parts look yummy. Caramel maybe?

The environment… Just a corner doesn’t cut it. Either put it in its everyday environment, or make a studio environment. (can be as simple as white background, and a plain as “floor”, with only “onlyshadow”)

Take the advice about the lamp at the bottom.

So, to end it all, i think the model is pretty nice, no doubt good enough to achieve photorealism, as long as u get materials and lighting fixed.

Here’s for you:

Not the adding a history to a material(getting dirty) part

cheers, and keep up the good work

The way I see it->
some modeling -> basic subsurface -> subsurface that smooths things out BIG NO NO
I would say, the model lacks clean look if you examine the surface. I do admit its quick to model sometimes using subsurface a mechanical model but for “mechanic” model like microscope there really shouldnt be subdivision surfaces, but it should be modeled vertice by vertice, edge by edge, and polygon by polygon not forgetting extrusions and lathe and such. Well the main part/ largest part could take remodeling or a fix to put it short and as mentioned weathering/scrathes and such I think yes also shading, lighting and THE BASIC texture unless the parts are actually smooth as them look like. Hmm. I am partly repeating what was said
one more thing as Hiower wrote, the environment… There should be something at all directions from the microscope which equals to Global Illumation but in terms of reflections

Well thanks for the tough critique, i believe i successfully achieved the “weathered look”. ignore the shadow noise, i’ll raise the samples later. the lighting was also worked a bit.

i’ll redo background after i’m done with the model.

still open for critique, thanks!



-Lighting is definitely better.
-The beige parts are definitely weathered (maybe a bit much even), but i can’t see any worn effects on the black parts, so there’s a bit of an inconsistency. How old is the microscope supposed to be?
-What’s up with the shadow? Can we see a wirefram of your setup perhaps?
-I looked at some microscope pictures, and guess that all parts are supposed to be painted metal?


the shadow needs more samples. That must be it, i think

I would like to see wire also

i’m aware of the low shadow sample, it was just too late to do another render. perhaps it’s a little over weathered, but i like it. and yes there i haven’t mapped anythink onto the black areas yet, wanted to see how the rest turned out first.

Anything else?

heres the wire frame: (lowered subsurf for better view)


Let me guess. This takes a long time to render? You know, raytracing isn’t necessarily needed for good-looking metal materials. Other methods include using spec color ramps or environment maps.

Well it’s been a while i added a bit of scene to it, need advice to “jazz it up” perhap a few beakers, but where to put them :confused: and i just realized the table arn’t parallel to each other

awaiting your critique

thanks to hiower, j, and musk for your most helpful critique


That pencil looks really good. However i think you could straighten things up a bit. Besides, i first thought that the grey part was just a surface on top of the dest, took me a while to realize that the brown was the side of the next desk.

The note is well done, but i’m not so sure about its text or placement. An idea i got was to instead make it a scientific note, like draw a cell or something on it.

I’m looking at my microscope in the lab. Your model would benefit from other details like fiduciary marks on the objectives / oculars, a manufacturer’s marque, all the small screws that hold it together, and stains/scratches on the stage, to name a few. Materials need more subtle texturing (eg fine bump map) so they don’t look like dirty colored plasticine. The lighting is way too harsh, looking like a single hard spotlight in the corner of the room. You need more fill to lighten up those shadows.Finally, I agree with the above poster who says a more realistic environment would help a lot.

Well, as j said, the microscopes a mechanical model and so subsurf doesn’t fit on it. However, if you’re looking for kind of smooth edges (although in this case it would be much easier just to use the edgesplit modifier), I suggest for you to select all the edges you wonna smooth, then hit W key and choose “Bevel” from the list, hover the mouse until the bevel smooth enough, and click the RMB. Then, without deselecting the edges now created, bevel them again by the same distance you just did. This double-bevel technique is very easy, yet very powerful.

thanks for critique, might add somthing later tonight, can someone tell me what’s up with this? i added a bit of DOF and got this wierd pixel artifact ( see red circles )


Hmm I think what’s giving the CG feel is the way it’s been modeled. Pretty much all the surfaces seem more rounded than they really are, I assume you’re using subsurf, so maybe in some areas (such as the metal plate) you could add an edgeloop near one of the edges, that might help to sharpen the them more without losing the round parts. If that doesn’t work then I guess i’ll have to get back to you on that one. :wink:

Hmm, the diaphragm should be more visible, and bigger. You have your Coarse adjustment, where the heck is your fine adjustment??? You should label our objectives too. The plug should also have three prongs. Your base seems too smooth, and you should also map on a company name. Also, my science teacher tells us to keep the arm facing the person, and not to look through the microscope with the arm facing away, so just flip the body tube. The paper should have a few wrinkles, and maybe even add some stains. Is it just me, or is it that if you set it to full power, the stage would hit the objective? I thinkyou should make the top half of the nosepeice black, because this microscope seems like the one I have at school, and the one at my school has the top part black, like most microscopes. Make the wire longer, and have something to coil the wire around in the back That’s about it!

Say what you will, but i’m done. thanks for your crits, you people taught a lot about getting to the photo realism in blender.

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