Micro Actuator for robot project

A smaller micro actuator for my robot arm project. These will operate the fingers.

why is this in animations? Nothing moves?

idk, you could have one thread where you post all your progress and new pieces?! And then some animations…

Initial test animation output glitched so had to re-output. Am I forgiven?

Viewing it when it’s all assembled, you might not be able to see as much as you can see here.

I thought it was okay to post different parts as I proceed. Putting the entire project in one thread will mean it had much less chance of being spotted. If I have broken a rule or ethic of the site I do apologize and will correct it.

So far with all the posts I have put up on Blenderartists, your’s is the only comment I’ve had. Sadly it’s not positive. Maybe my work is just not that good?

it is your work, you can post it any way you want. My post is more like a suggestion as a reader of posts on the internet, it would be easier to browse all your stuff if all the parts you do are found in one place, in one thread. I would prefer it that way, open one thread and browse through all the parts and follow your work progress. The parts look cool and I really want to see them assembled, but it would be easier to follow if it all were in one place. Maybe even in one thread here:

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