Micro displacement always come with some location offset, how to solve it?

Whenever I use displacement, there always some small location. it would be annoy that you need to adjust it manually every time to make it perfect.
i dont know if its just me using it the wrong way?
Any tips on it?

Sounds like you need to set the midpoint properly. It’s going to depend on the texture you’re using to displace.

the displacement node has a default mid-level value 0.5, do you mean i have to adjust that one every time?

If you have a mid-level of 0.5, then there will be no displacement on vertices that lookup their displacement value and find a value of 0.5. If you have a mid-level of 1.0, vertices with 1.0 white displacement will not get displaced. If you have a mid-level of 0.0, vertices with 0.0 black will not get displaced.

The mid-level sets which verts don’t get displaced. But Blender can’t know whether you want the “real” mesh to represent the surface of the bricks of the surface of the grout. If you’re unhappy with the “default” displacement, then you need to either edit the displacement texture or you need to change the midlevel of the displacement.

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Ok, i got it now.
So i think the reason is i add a color ramp adjusted the grey value, which make the value range out of the default mid-level, which is 0.5
So this caused the whole mesh location offset。