Micro displacement Question


I have some stone columns and I am using Micro Displacement. As you can see in the image, the corner is rounded. I have tried using creases, mark sharp. Nothing works. I would like that edge to be sharp as the stone will not be rounded smooth like that. I have tried simple in subdivision panel as well.

Blender 2.82

Any ideas how to get that edge sharp?

Use “Simple” instead of “Catmull-Clark” in subd modifier.

Yep. As mentioned above, I tried that already. It did not work for me.


Oh sorry, somehow overlooked your last sentence.
How about some supporting edge loops:
Ctrl+R in edit mode and then slide it next to the edge from both sides. Does this work?

Yeah. I tried that too. Didn’t help. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I have flat shading as well.

I will check auto smoothing to see if it has something to do with it

you should try to change the midlevel value in your displacement node

If this doesn´t work, upload your file, so we can have a look.
Just the column with packed textures.

Ok. I will try mid-level adjustment first.