Micro FIber Starters

I want to make a brand new mesh that has fibers from the fiber generator on it and i want to use all the cool features of it (no animations though) so how do i start? I no how to do pretty much anything so i don’t need a beginner level tut but i need something beginner level as far as the script goes. Any help will be appreciated! :wink:

btw, blender keeps crashing right before i render one of the demos - could this be my video card?

also how do i change colors in paint mode? I can only get one color!

Answer to first question:
Fiber tut

thanx alot! Now if only i could get the other questions answered…

In F9 (edit buttons) you have a paint tab with RGB sliders. Some sort of error message for the crash would help. Windoze gives you the option to read the error message.


There is some more information on using the Vertex paint mode controls at the bottom of this page:


thanx guys but after reading ugly’s link there was a bried where the buttons are in it! And about the crashes well i think that was caused by using full blue! all though i really should get a better graphics card!

i hate to bring up old topics but i can’t figure something out - i used the tut on using ver color for use with variables in the fiber script but when i apply any variation of zero blue so that fibers won’t be drawn on that face they are still drawn with no regars to the colors! Help!!

Once again
UglyMike If you wrote this page/tutorial you really should advertise it better or do something to get it listed UP on the search engines. I have been waiting for a page like this for two years since ripstring first came out with Fiber1.3 in Sept of 2002. The best I came up with was a sort of cut and paste tutorial made from various post here in the forums(Thanks Fligh%)

Really Man THANKS a lot.

There are 3 possibilities that I can think of:

[!] 1. You forgot to press the ‘Use VCol’ button in the Fiber 2.03 GUI (Unlikely, but I thought I’d include this for the sake of completeness) :wink:

[!] 2. The vertices that you applied vertex paint to do not have blue set to 0. This can happen if you are using ‘Mix’ mode and the vertices originally contained some trace of Blue and thus are contributing some amount of Blue to the final result. Also, you may get some faces around the edges which will still get fibers if you don’t use vertx painting properly because the neighboring vertices can contribute to the final color of the face also. You can confirm this by right clicking on the face where the fibers are appearing where you do not want them, and see what color it actually is by checking what color appears in the Paint panel in the Edit Buttons window. To ensure you are starting with a Blue value of 0, set the color to Black (0,0,0), switch the mode to 'Mul’tiply and then paint the face(s). Then switch back to ‘Add’ or ‘Mix’ mode and adjust the Red and Green vertex colors as required.

[!] 3. You pressed [f] on the keyboard for face select mode. Doing this will ‘unset’ the ‘VertCol’ switch in the ‘Mesh’ Panel in the Edit Buttons Window. The Fiber script uses this to confirm that vertex paint has been applied to avoid a crash.

So in short, don’t press [f] while you are vertex painting. It is possible to modify the Fiber script, but then the vertex color safety feature would be gone.

If you are comfortable in editing Python scripts and want to proceed, first make a backup copy of the Fiber2.py script and also Fiber2.pyc (just in case) and then delete Fiber2.pyc and modify line 607 in Fiber2.py from:

if UseVCol == 1 and original.hasVertexColours() == 1:


if UseVCol == 1:

Note: be sure NOT to delete any of the ‘TABs’/white space before the ‘if’ statement, because Python uses them to delineate which code belongs with each portion of the script.

thanks i’ll test that out in a minute!