Micro Game Art Challenge for us?

Over on CGTalk, there are contests called MGACs, or Micro Game Art Challenges. I was wondering, if I started a thread, with anyone else interested, how many people would be interested.

The main point of the MGACs is to model and texture a low poly object. Restrictions on polygons vary, and the themes are quite diverse.

I know that some people would object, just because, since CGTalk has one, why would we make another one like it? My answer is that:
A) It would be for Blender, and we could see what our software’s users are capable of.
B) Blender has excellent UV Unwrapping, so it’s well suited to texturing.
C) It’s fun. And a lot of us aren’t confident enough to put any work on CGTalk, because, quite frankly, a lot of that stuff is professional. That’s a silly (in my opinion) reason, but it’s true. Not that I want to make us look like rookies.

I know some great work would come out of it. What do you guys think?


i think this would be a good idea.

nice simple models with UV mapping etc :slight_smile:

Your right about the whole skills diffrence at CGtalk, alot of work on BA is on par. But it is still daunting, and then there is the whole Blender=evil thing lol…