Microboxus looking for articles

Microboxus is looking for 3d related articles. If you just made a model or a game or something else send us a “The making of.” My name is X10 send me a private message. For a look on how Microboxus is going go to www.geocities.com/skyracer155/finally.htm (note: it has not been updated in months). Microboxus wil be posting a message when the website www.Microboxus.com is done.

Thank you

While I appreciate the enthusiam you are showing, please don’t cross post in different forum, even though the content might apply to both. I will make everyone happy and will ensure that no one gets mad at you (some people are quite picky about cross posting).

Your idea seems really ambitious. Maybe when you’ll have more things to show us I will consider writing something for your website.


I’m done with the posting and don’t I know you from somewhere?

nope, unless my memory is failing yet again…


In any case I’m going to delete the double posting in this forum