Just an image I made recently. Almost all of the microscope feel is done with composite nodes. All of the textures were procedural.


Nice i love it it is like real.But can you say what is it what is under the microscope?

very cool, i did something similar for a blender weekend challenge some 2 years back:


I think yours is a lot better.

Nice look.

So how did you achieve the shading? Is that Blender internal render? What kind of lights are you using?

The render is really simple. The compositing takes up the most time.
Here’s a raw frame from an animation I rendered of this scene (1:30 a frame)

The animation:

Care to post a screen shot of the composite node setup?

I really like the way the outlines and the needle look.

One small quibble maybe on the “realism”, there should be a capilary tube holding the cell in place on the other side.

But thats just for 100% realism :stuck_out_tongue: