Hi all, hope you´re all fine…

today I´ve tried a Script called “MatrixExtrude” written by PopeStewart.
Played a little bit with shaders and heavy saturated lighting with AO and this
is the result (I call it “MicroCosmos” :smiley: ). Hope you like it and thanks again
PopeStewart for that nice script…

Link to Picture: MicroCosmos

Bye, Olaf.

like it a lot :Z

have to try that also!

nice white things on the backround

Simple, but really well lit and rendered. I think that is what makes it look so good.

Excellent work.

BTW, where is this script? In the Python forum, or somewhere else?



Amazing what you can do with such a simple mesh.

Nice, but why is the file named trendwhore.jpg :P?

Very neat, I like it.

The link in your post isn’t working.

Is this the image? http://www.olafarnold.com/index.php?album=Olafs_Blender_Pics/&pic=MicroCosmos.jpg

If it is, that’s excellent! My only complaint is the lasck of color uniformity. We’re getting brighter greens in with duller yellows, it clashs a bit.

This kind of digital art, where you use very random modifiers like matrix extrude, noise, or anything like that, and then add some airbrushing and then some typography or 2d elements is actually called trendwhore sometimes…art sites like deviantArt are full with that stuff…
Hope you get the point ^^;

BTW, I really like the organic material, it looks very nice and gives the whole pic an interesting touch.

Very nice.

The only problem I might see is that you used a voronoy nor mapping, quite strong value I’d say, and since it is Nor, not Disp, the silouhette of the tentacles stays flat. THis is not a problem for far away tentacles, but is quite noticeable on foreground ones :slight_smile: