Micron pen

Full size:

This was pretty simple, I recreated the sticker in Inkscape in about an hour and modeled the pen in about 30 minutes.

The top render took 2.5 hours on my Ubuntu machine at 2048 samples, the bottom one took 20 minutes at 1/4 the pixel count and 512 samples.

I went for a more realistic but perfect approach where there are no signs of wear but I used lots of polygons. The scene has around a half million polygons. I used lots of edge loops for slightly rounded corners as opposed to the unrealistic 100% edge creases.

This is accurate to my pen, I know some have a number on top of the cap and some other things but mine doesn’t. The only thing it’s missing that mine has is a barcode.


looks very good.nice lighting and composition.

I have a micron 01 in front of me… and the metal bits need lower roughness. Otherwise… dead on.

idk that roughness is the right word. this feals a little on the metalic end and a little less on the plastic end. you dont provide nodes but i suggest playing around with lowering the mix value so there is more diffuse shader, and lightening the glossy just a bit.

Yep indeed. Nice lighting and compositon. And you also mentioned that the only thing it’s missing that yours has is a barcode. I wonder what is the barcode used for? Can it be read by some barcode scanner and tell its product information or something else?

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