Micropdisplacement and additional bump

This plane has microdisplacement texture and cloth simulation.

Microdisplacement works very well for me. But I want to see extra wrinkled blanket effect. Like this

I tried to multiply with blanket texture and wrinkled texture. But I did not get the result I wanted.
Is there any idea that can help? Thanks

You might try adding a noise texture into the displacement.

Yes . ı tried noise texture with displacement modifier. But the thickness of the fabric and the places where it touches the underlying object are changing. The fabric stays high in some places, and in some places it enters the floor.

Can you share your material node settings?

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this node setup is mixed bump map and noise texture(only experimental). But noise is eleminating the microdisplacement in the some areas.

this is the only bump map using as microdisplacement.

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First of all take a look at these tutorials: Micropolygon Displacement Basics and Introduction to Microdisplacements

I’m not expert in this but your problem might be related to one of these:

1- You unwrapped the mesh. ‘Seams’ might be causing problems/tears.
2- You don’t have ‘Substract’ math node. (And connecting 2 ‘Multiply’ math nodes like that might be wrong)
3- The way you apply Bump map is wrong.

See below example i created:

Also make sure you selected ‘Both’ for displacement under material settings.