microphone problems with vista

I’m having problems using skype with a headset in combination with windows vista. The speakers are working, but the microphone is muted or almost muted. What could I do to solve this problem?


There are some controls in System Control -> Sounds and Audio -> Audio -> Sound Input -> Volume. Tried them?

Is that located in the control panel?

I don’t have an english languaged Windows but the answer is probably yes.

Many thanks Inmare.

Since it’s not my pc, I’ll let my mother try tonight by phone.

I have another question. Does an ordinary headset require a driver in order to communicate with vista?


The sound card needs drivers. If you can hear sound produced by the sound card then you most probably don’t need any more.

If your headset is connected via 3,5mm jacks then you don’t need any additional drivers, these ports are only sending or receiving the raw audio data, there is no device information available via these.

If you have a headset that is connected via USB then it has an own sound chip (AD/DA wandler) and none of the above applies. But this is most impropable.

It concerns a headset with mini jacks(3,5 mm).
So there’s no need for additional drivers.

Thanks again Inmare.