I was going to tweak this but I lost the .blend-file and when I tried to do another one the texture didn’t want to work. So this is all I got.

Blender + YafRay (HDR) + Picasa2



Wow, that’s a nice model. Is that blur done by post-processing, or what? I like the colours and the blur. Btw are you from finland (too)? I only guessed, the kuvax.net -site is finnish, i use it, too.

Well, sorry about ad english and some off-topic, I’m really new here.

I used Picasa2 for the blur. It’s somekind on 2D/photo program. I hardly can use it.

Ja joo. Olen Suomesta.

I think it looks very nice, the duo tone colour effect is very nice and fits well with the model. I would be tempted to make the blur more gradual as now seems to start very sudden, you might want to try using the gimp for that kind of work as it’s alot more precise.

Did you UV map the microphones wire mesh to texture it??, if so you could add a bump map just to make the mesh stand out a bit more.

All in all,a very nice piece of work

Levi :smiley:

Yes. It is UV mapped. There’s specular/mirror map, bumpmap and colormap on the wire thingie. And it is bumped. I would bump it more but since I don’t have the .blend file anymore that’s only a dream now.

Pretty neato, although the blurring doesnt seem quite right, perhaps it should be more gradual?