I’m going to prepare a scene with bunch of old mivrophones and a little rat climbing at the top of one of them.


This is the game engine forum. You are in the wrong section…unless this is a game?

Well, indeed I’ve put it in a wrong section. Could I ask moderator to remove it from here?

Thanks in advance!

Time for the little rat.


looks good so far

I improved materials. I hope they look fine now. Time for that little mouse.


Let’s put that mouse at the top of the microphone! According to my experiments this position is the best.


sweet, is this for a tv intro or something?

No, it’s just a child of my imagination :slight_smile:

I’m just about to finish my roddent. Time for the background.


try a blend background

Very cute and nice rendering. :slight_smile:

It looks very good! The rat is the exact position when he’s taking that last effort to climb something!

I love that materal on the microphones
I am terrible with materials.
If you don’t mind, could you post something about it???

Thanks for your support!

OK, here’s my final image. Hope you like it!

By rozmiarek at 2009-03-08

(final thread) http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=150239

That looks freaking awesome!

Very nice job!! The materials and modeling are great!

looks grrrrreaat!

Great work!!
Is there a normal map on the microphones?

Very nice