Hi everyone, I modeled this microscope as main object of laboratory scene for a contest long time ago. It is rendered in cycles. I tried to model detailed as much as I can. I am wondering your critics and comments. Thanks a lot!


Overall this looks quite good, the only thing that doesn’t look all that great to me is the bump on the revolving objectives ring.

Yes it looks kind of weird, I think this light setting makes it look worse than I did. Bump is too much you are right. Thanks for the comment.

Fantastic attention to detail, but yes, the bump mapping/displacement does stand out. I think on a microscope the bumps would be much more regimented, more like a grid of dots, rather than the random pattern shown in your render. I’m guessing you used a musgrave texture to generate the displacement map. I think it would be better to use an image texture.

You are definetely right it needs to be grid of dots as you said.Thanks a lot for comment I will improve next time if I need to create that kind of object.