Hi everyone!

This is a little something I had in mind, so I decided to Blend it :slight_smile:
I would like to receive some feedback in general and some suggestions for the following points:

  • I want to achieve a pretty dark lighting, but also a warm one with a little touch of blue light. What should be my lighting settings (Environment lighting, sun light, emission planes etc.)? Picture of the current lighting setup is added.
  • I don’t know what to put in the background. It’s supposed to be big sized and pretty blurred, since the camera is focusing on the little world of the microscope. I thought to add a simple brick wall, but it looks pretty dull and it’s hard to focus on the scene itself with it.
  • For the microscope body I need to put a plastic material (with some dirt on it), but right now it looks a little bit like rubber.

Thanks ahead!

Current lighting and materials:

high res: http://i.imgur.com/homGIPs.jpg

Without materials:

Lighting setup:

With a warm-lit flame in the burner: https://i.imgur.com/DCrE1nR.jpg
With a brick wall: http://i.imgur.com/Uppiz7k.jpg

The warm-lit flame brings it together better than what you have here. The brick wall works better than I thought it would. I think the main lighting of the whole project should be warm/dark like the afternoon sun coming in from an angle. Also, maybe darkening the lighting of the objects further back in the scene to draw more attention to the microscope.

I don’t know how bright bunsen burners are but having a darker lighting setup you could highlight the microscope with its glow?

Thanks for the comment!

And here is an update:
I darkened the lighting in the back a little bit, changed the lighting setup in general and added some glow to the microcope. Again, there are 2 versions - with the blue flame and with the yellow flame. Which one do you think is better?


A properly adjusted Bunsen burne has a blue outer flame and an aqua inner flame. If you give it too little air it gives an orange flame. Never white. The brass shold be more shiny too. I have an antique microscope and the brass parts has been machined on a lathe so the shine is anisotropic.

I like the background you chose. Subtle but still a sense of " in a space." But I feel like the climber needs to be a little higher up compositionally. Also, the leather seam is too straight on to camera. If it were being manufactured, the builder would have tried to hide the seam by putting it aimed at the frame of the microscope. Also, the scope itself may look better in a worn tired brass material.

i didn’t catch the diamonds at first but like the concept. What are the things at the bottom of the ladder?

love the little house at the top!

Very neat idea, and well implemented. I would add some foreground elements, maybe bugs, or a shocked crowd, or something.

If the essential subject is that of a person climbing what is revealed to be an immensely tall microscope, then I would frame the shot very differently. Above all it must be a dramatic placement of the camera and of every other aspect of the shot.

Thanks for all the comments!
Unfortunately I had to finish working on this before I read your comments, but I really appreciate them all and will consider them on my next projects.
Anyway, this is the last version of it. Hope you like it :slight_smile: