Microsoft acknowledges Blender

I was looking through the free CD that came with the March issue of The Official Microsoft Windows xp Magazine, and suddenly came across something familiar in amongst all the free demos, under the heading of Essential Software and again under Bonus Content…

They’re advertising Blender!

hmmm, interesting…

thats good for the PR value of blender.

I think odd is more accurate. I thought MS didn’t like open source software.


So have they also included examples of 3D stills on that CD, made with Blender and… uhm… perhaps Yafray. %|

I think odd is more accurate. I thought MS didn’t like open source software.

I’d even say ominous. Can you imagine Microsoft Blender 2007? Aiee!

no, but i can imagine google blender.

Were the videotutorials actually on the disc? I wonder which tutorials those were and if they properly checked with the authors for their permission :slight_smile:

Have fun,


It’s probably more “Future - publishing” that recommends it, and the
magazine itself is endorsed by Microsoft - but it’s cool anyway :wink:

oh yeah :]

Isn’t that m@dcows model they are displaying there? I wonder how he feels about that (or if they asked permission…)


Yeah, scary thought.

I imagine that letting it slip to readers somehow, that Linux offers better render times wouldn’t help either :smiley:

Does seem odd.

if they didn’t ask permission…damn I’D SUE THEM if I was Madcow.

Silly Microsoft haters %|

Looks all fake to me… ah well




Well I can’t speak for others but I’m no MS hater. I run a legitimate XP Home system and Ubuntu.

I like to have my cake (Windows for games) and eat it too (render and animate better in Linux).


I’d be nice if it was real, I thought no one could buy Blender because of the license.

no it’s an official screenshot from the presskit of
By providing this screenshot to m@dcow give all right (for this screenshot) for press and exposure.

hmm, i thought part of the license is that you ARE allowed to resell blender at any price, and change th code and repackage and resell it. Nobady does it because nobody would buy blender if they can get it free.

That´s the point of the licence: If they sell blender they must provide the source code. If they took blender and develop it further, they have to provide the new source either. Even if they BUY the foundation they weren´t able to use the code without providing the sources with every new version they make… so everyone will always be able to get it for free no matter what M$ would do… that´s why they (M§… Balmer?)called opensource a “cancer” hehe…