Microsoft Expression stuff is now free

Apparently, Microsoft is discontinuing at least some of their Expression Suite applications so offering them for free without support. Article that talks about it if interested.

  • Expression Design might be useful to some people. It’s like Illustrator or Inkscape.
  • Expression Web is an HTML/CSS editor sort of like Dreamweaver. Don’t know if that’d be useful to anyone here.

I’ve never used either one so can’t say how good or bad they are.

The file name is Design_Trial_en.exe, but it still seems to be the full version.

Thank you for posting.

Free again ! Microsoft had made this freely available for a time after they acquired it from Creature House many moon ago.

This is a fantastic little vector program that, quite frankly, beats the pants off of Inkscape. And the natural media strokes are far superior to even what Illustrator can do.

If you’re on a windows box, you need this. You’ll be happy.

It was a sad day when Microsoft got their grubby hands on Createhouse Expression: even now the (very) old version 3.3 is better in terms of functionality and interface. The newer interface is slow and cumbersome to work with.

Expression never stood a chance. Same as Truespace, I guess.

I can’t say no to a free stuff. Thanks for the heads-up!