Microsoft got patent on FAT! (file system, not the organic)

This is horrendous… ARGH, just think about what it will lead into…
Linux needs Fat to read the possible windows drives… People with dual boot systems will suffer… not to mention the linux distroyers… :frowning:

Stupid money greedy people! Man… money, money, money. It makes the world go round… I sometimes wish it was flat.

LOL thats just crazy.

FAT has been around forever. it seems pretty damn obvious to me.


Surely even if the patent was valid it would be due to expire by now, FAT has been around for decades!

The possible results?
They’re just destroying microsoft. Every year more people stop isong their products

“The love of money is the root of all evil.”

“In its application, Microsoft claimed rights to the FAT file systemm dating to 1976 and was granted a patent in 1996.”

So the patent is under 10 years old. Another thing is that how can you possibly patent something that’s 20 years old…

The US patent system allows this.

in my country, i cann’t patent anything as soon as i tell anyone else about it (except co-workers, or people who sign a contract with me)

i could patent somthing in the US at any date, as long as i was the originaotr of the technology and can back that up.


How would this affect linux ? It’s already accessible, can’t prevent it once it’s out.

By the way, look for DECESS

Now we begin to see the results of Unisys’s wickedness.

To say that FAT is “novel and non-obvious” is patently absurd. Anyone who knows anything about it can tell you that it’s about as simple as a filesystem can get and that it’s design was directly influenced by the media it was used on. Later generations (up to what we now call FAT32) came about primarily as a way of massaging FAT around its limitations (the most well known of these is the long filenames, but there are other significant technical issues).

/* more scathing remarks omitted */

I wonder if Microsoft will now start demanding grevience royalties?

What they going to do, recall all outdate linux Software that been already transfer world wide ? There will just be a way to install the outdated linux fat into the existing one. And what about fat 16 ?

This is exactly why I’m against patients and everyone should be too

There should be a law preventing a patient that is already FREE.

i hate ms. they have already gotten too powerful. they control the computing world. if one day they said ‘no more using our software’ 90% of computers would be no more. they could very well do that through an ‘update’

on a side note about how stupid ms is,
one night, rendering anim while im asleep. windows autoupdates (which ive turned off or so i thought) and comes up with a message "would you like to ‘restart later’ ‘restart in’ well, i was asleep so it did it automatically. rendering didnt finish. it also did that to me while i was watching a movie…

i think patents are important. however “software patents” are a load of BS with their current implimentation.

software patents should only be valid for 2-3 years.



i think patents are important. however “software patents” are a load of BS with their current implimentation.

software patents should only be valid for 2-3 years.


Patients of any type is bad for the enviorment, you have to be against it.

Well, in this world we live in (isnt’ that from a song?), you do want to patent something, like your OWN brand, to make a living. If there were no patents, well… You could easily “steal” technology. Besides, I think that brands/patents can improve the competition and drive the progress further.

However, to try to patent something that is ALREADY beeing widely used and know, and been in use for long, THAT isn’t right. It’s like giving people washing machines for free, and after a while taxing the from money by the spin of the drum.

It is only the US patent system which works like this BTW. All (most) other countries have sane laws that protect people from nisuse of power.


And using MS products cause cancer!



Really stupid.
Sony pays already millions and billions on patents of Tumbnails, and I don’t think they start paying more for fat system on there hardware.
I think if this is really true that MS starts patenting Fat system, they draw there destiny wether to get even richer then they are now, or throwing it all into the bin.

It’s just a matter of time, we’ll see what happens.
Personally I think companies are going to write applications now to read data from hardware, like camera’s.
So you won’t be able to plug in your camera on a strange pc and read directly the data, but you need a program that start on connection and convert from one file system, to the another one.
Also I think that the cheap hardware as those smal USB sticks using fat, are now getting even more expensive and those who can store more then a few gigs are getting cheaper.
If I’m right, Fat has being patented, but not NTNFS, or am I wrong?

Anyways, I’m curious what’s going to happen. :slight_smile:

Usa is beginning to suck more and more in my eyes… Hearing someone say “To protect the american way of life”… “Life as we know it…” That is living for yourself, taking what you can take, desiring to dominate. If that’s what the american way of life represents, I rather not even set my foot there.
The goodz are covered by the badz. The dirty work will be revealed. As Peter Parker’s father said, “Great power comes with a great responsibility”… Usa does not qualify for the right to that power. This went a bit out of the topic.

Man it hurt watching “WWE Raw” christmas special, seeing the show transported to Afghanistan… Usa flag waveing in the background while the soldiers tell how they got “a confirmed kill”. Makes me sick. Like Usa were the “good guys”, and the one’s they are fighting are the “bad guys”. Especially the “confirmed kill” shot was like they’d be saying the thing he did was somehow admirable. I don’t think anything in war is admirable enough to be told like that.

I talked to a friend (who is a little too intelligent for his own good) and he said two things:

  1. Disks can come unformatted and digital cameras which till now use FAT internally could get round this by using drivers using Windows components to convert to FAT. Apparently other file systems would be easier to deal with than FAT in the limited RAM of a digital camera.

  2. He said something about patenting improvements on a previous ones. Linux could patent the improvements it has made on FAT (such as multiuser support) and of course choose not to enforce it.

I don’t how much of this is feasible but it makes some sense to me. What I do know is that Microsoft will sink itself to the very depths of greed and dishonesty. Has any single product in the history on mankind resulted in more frustration, loss of productivity and lack of innovation than Microsoft Windows? I doubt it.


I sincerelly hope someone drives a spacestation into Microsoft building from the orbit. Well not really, but I do think… Anyway, they will get their reward, just wait :wink: … just wait.