Microsoft got patent on FAT! (file system, not the organic)

Has any single product in the history on mankind resulted in more frustration, loss of productivity and lack of innovation than Microsoft Windows?

I know a few more:

Microsoft Internet Xplorer,
Microsoft Word,
Microsoft Visual Basic,

Any thing that Microsoft does really…

Microsoft grabs hold, of a market and restricts it. Reducing any software or technolgical advancement if it doesnt give them more money.

And using MS products cause cancer!



He is a green party, don’t want him to tax more just because others can’t replace the part that is no longer made.

Hmmm, that gives me an idea, Altake see if you could push an excessive to tax toward anything that has to do with patients, say like 50% for each product. A user fee for the patients, the law enforcement, the disposal, the custom, every single thing that goes down the ladder put it all on them, then take it off anyone that don’t own the patient.

If we play our cards right perhaps we could make it unprofitable to pass patients in the first place.

And see if you can get this in the G8 summit.

sorry but you are retarded.

every polluting product is being subsidaised by the environment and future generations… you cannot unfairly give polluting companies that kind of financial help. its not money spent, its money saved.

do the math and you will find that many products cost MORE to clean up than they do to make in the first place. and ultimately its YOU who pays for this cleaning up, not the company involved. now that does not make sense, even for you.


Makes perfect sence, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, the three R’s, by passing the burden onto the patients, companys will be force to be less productive, less parts ends up in the land fill, less law enforcement to protect those goods, less road maintence because of less trucks, less acidents, less fumes from garbage dumps and automobile. So what if it means less progress so what it means less money, it’s pencial pushers that are force to pay for it, seems pretty fair, you get paid more for labor, I think it’s a great idea and I think the world will be better off.

Just look at the bigger picture.

This is simply an illustration of what’s wrong with the American patent system. (See Groklaw, The patent law clerks are simply rubber-stamping everything because they don’t know what to do, or because their hands are tied.

There are lots of absurd problems with this…

(1) If the work was done in 1976, how can you claim patent protection based on a patent issued twenty years later, and first begin to do so ten years after it was filed? That’s thirty count’em thirty years, pal.

(2) The “Doctrine of Laches” (see WikiPedia) prevents anyone from “waiting until the opportune time” to assert proprietary rights, and/or to “pick their targets.”

In Latin,
Vigilantibus non dormientibus æquitas subvenit.
Equity aids the vigilant, not the negligent (that is, those who sleep on their rights).

A defense lawyer raising the defense of laches against a motion for injunctive relief (a form of equitable relief) might argue that the plaintiff comes “waltzing in at the eleventh hour” when it is now too late to grant the relief sought, at least not without causing great harm that the plaintiff could have avoided.

If Microsoft wished to assert proprietary rights with regards to FAT32, it is required by law to have done so … consistently and impartially … since the very beginning. Each time, every time, and timely, it must have acted to notify violators as soon as they were identified … and, further, to be constantly vigilant for such violators.

An intellectual-property rights holder is not allowed to “pick and choose” either his targets or his timing. If you intend to prevail at-bar with the assertion that your race-horse was worth a million dollars, you must be prepared to show that you consistently treated the animal like a million-dollar horse… and when you noticed that the horse was out of the barn, you didn’t wait twenty years to do something about it. You might have to demonstrate that the fences were repaired; that prominent signs were displayed; that you didn’t let the neighborhood kids play with the horse. You might have to present the log books from the night-watchman, proving “due diligence,” and so on.

This is why, when a nursery-school paints Peanuts characters on the side of their buildings without a license, they soon-enough get a cease and desist letter. It’s not that United Feature doesn’t like nursery schools… it’s because if they don’t consistently enforce their rights with regard to everyone, they can lose those rights with regard to anyone!

(3) The purpose of this action is clearly to maliciously damage the business of literally thousands of companies which, in good faith and for many years, have used and developed software and hardware that uses the FAT32 file-structure. This is tantamount to abuse of process: it’s a crime to use the Honorable Court as your “Big Stick.”

MS, in the form of SCO, is already doing just that … and it is well known that they have the resources to fight a protracted legal battle with the sole purpose of forcing a defendant to capitulate; essentially extortion.

These abuses are, unfortunately, inherent in the “software patent” system.

It’s like Rome all over again. They (USA) are going to become thier own victim. It’s like a woodsman setting up a million bear traps in a 1-mile radius around his house. He isn’t going to be able to get out of his house, cause he will get killed.

Man, this stinks! But the Linux people or some good programmers are probibly just going to use FAT anyway, like they did DVDs.

So, who will sack Washington? Barbarians from the great northern Canada?! :wink:


I would believe it will be the voters, the ones that agree to abolish patients. But the best way in my opinion is to form a boycott and have every stinking Mac and ix user write a email and threaten not to buy there products and tell others not to if they don’t provide a alternitive toward opensource.

If the numbers are big enough, the hardware makers would perhaps make there hardware mac and ix friendly or provide a driver that would work on those other OS at least.

Like the car companys if enough people raise a stink, they’re listen.

So, who will sack Washington? Barbarians from the great northern Canada?! :wink:


the outside world will litterally stop trading with the US at some turning point.

I.E. china offers more, and the US stops being friends to countries. the US has already put the entire middle east off side. they have already lost a lot of money due to GE…

won’t happen today, or tommorow, but some day it will unless some leader with foresight steps in and changes things.


I hope everyone stop international trading, don’t trade a thing but brides, G8 is just another corrupt organization like the WTO, EU and UN, screw them, need to get rid of them, it’s not like they trade actual product %|

And China trade policy is unfair, not that I care about the stupid patients and copy right laws they break, just that everything made over there is shit.

it’s PATENT, not patient.
Patient means either a person with patience or a person that is beeing getting medical attention.

Look at my signature please.

Doesn’t mean you need to deliberately spell words incorrectly. You know exacly how to spell patent, and even if you didn’t, it is written enough times in this thread to notice.

Thus you must be doing this solely to annoy people. So I don’t read most of your posts.

You have successfully made at least half the elysiun population ignore you.


Not true, often I’m half awake or in to much of a hurry to notice. But you are right, it’s up there in the topic and I should of had double check. Anyways don’t think I be using spellcheck, my feelings are too hurt.

i wonder if he will be put on many peoples ignore list in Vbullitin LOL


Al_Capone, I suppose this whole “no spell check” thing is partially my fault considering that it was my post that pushed you over the edge. I really do apologize for that. Really. But for your own sake, please leave time to at least proofread your posts. People generally won’t take a post seriously if it’s difficult to read. It takes extra time on the reader’s part and also reflects badly on the poster. Give yourself a little more credit. :slight_smile:

Now, let’s all get back to discussing the evils of Microsoft. :wink:

No it wasn’t you, but you did say something that had to do with it.

I’m not going to try when trying isn’t enough.

I can figure your posts out, Al_Capone. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also other people spelled it wrong.

Remember that MP3 is also patented, yet you can encode MP3 without paying as long as you do not get any money from it. While this is at the descresion of the patenter, I do not believe Microsoft can really enforce it’s controversal FAT patent.

And please, do not fret over my spelling.

From what I’ve read the patents relate to FAT32 and how to implement long file names in a filesystem that doesn’t support them, from what I can tell “Classic” FAT isn’t patented.