Microsoft is a gold member and funds blender now too

Pretty cool


Very nice indeed. I do think it’s a bit sad that Apple is still absent in the list of Blender-funding corporations, especially since they announced Blender support for the upcoming ARM systems.


I’ve been surprised by some of the negative and ill informed comments I’ve seen on social media about Microsoft’s support of Blender.

Apple provided masses of engineering support to Redshift and Octane Metal ports, if they don’t want to put their hand in their pockets and donate to the development fund then why not provide a similar level of engineering support the did to Redshift and Octane?

I’m sure Mac users of Blender would appreciate Metal being used for viewport and Cycles and the long term support required to make it viable.

The difference between Microsoft and Apple on this issue is that MS has embraced open source from the top down by the CEO and they see value in it, Apple has turned towards proprietary solutions which is why we have the Metal situation in Blender.


If people surrender to Metal then Apple sees that they have power and do whatever they want in future. Apple should add official Vulkan support for their Metal so all Vulkan software and games will work without issues in future. Yes i am aware of MoltenVK.


I think this Apple is bad because they push metal is silly

apple was frustrated by tech development like intel Nvidia and opengl

Vulcan is at the moment not yet that used broadly either

I don’t disagree that stopping to support opengl was a bad move but for apples sake it was the only logical choice to push a change

As it turns out metal is not as bad as some have first stated - Software developers I know who work on 2D and 3D software they are quite impressed with what metal offered

and with the recent push to arm it shows why metal made sense too - macs and ipads will use the same Hardware and Code base

But I fully agree Apple should send over some funding for blender or help the metal port - what they would donate is peanuts anyway compared to what they work with

Yeah I agree - what’s the problem here
I don’t understand why people complain

Be happy rather

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MS is not known as a positive force in the software world and that is their fault. On the other hand this is good for Blender as long as Ton does not let Blue Screen of Death (aka BSOD) or analytics code snippets from Microsoft sneak into Blender.

LOL… That’s what I thought in the very first moment I read that… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Blender risks getting drowned by MS money… oh, well, better than nothing…

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30k euro per month is not that bad…

I am NOT defending the comments made on social media regarding Microsoft. That said, I think the reason behind many of the comments is that Microsoft lost a lot of trust among the user community with their destructive policies regarding volume licensed copies of Win 7, and have similarly lost a great deal of trust among the user community after the heavy handed Win X rollout a few years ago.

Also, the forced updates of WinX have not helped Microsoft’s public image.

Additionally, people may have concerns regarding bloatware and telemetry creeping into Blender as a result of Microsoft’s rather agressive pushing of policies on third party companies, i.e. pushing Intel and AMD to go over to “locked down” UEFI for their chipsets, making it extremely difficult to get WinX off of the hard drive and put whatever OS the user want on their system.

Whether these concerns and biases are legitimate or not, I think that may be the reason for the negative comments. I myself am glad to see Blender getting more money to support development, but I do urge caution. THere is an old Russian proverb “Доверяй, но проверяй”, meaning “Trust but verify”.

Wise advice anywhere, anytime.

Anyway, that’s my two centicreds on the matter.

Oh per month I thought that was per year. Nice !

Why should Windows telemetry get into blender ? This are some paranoid fears. Windows increasingly opened a little.

Yes win10 update system is broken but hey look at android. At least through what MS tries they can make win10 a tick more secure.

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I think MS just follows a self serving idea here.
Similar to Apple but at a leaset level MS is also a content creator.

Blender becomes increasingly popular for game design !

This might have something to do with that decision if I’m not mistaken.


Oh! Actually I thought it was -one time- .


I’ll read that link later - lemme get this str8: Does SECURE BOOT have the vulnerability, or GRUB2?? What’s MS’s trickery going on -here-…?

And it looks like it is… per year…


I really don’t understand the fuss about this. It’s €30,000 a year more for Blender development than they had. It’s token support from such a large company, but support nonetheless. Perhaps it will lead to more donations from other large companies which are rivals to Microsoft in certain areas. Come on Sony, get your wallet out :stuck_out_tongue:


I cringed. Nice way of making companies doubt if this community is worth their support.


Why is the tinfoil so strong in this community? Good lord, people. It’s just a chunk of money from Microsoft. They’re not buying Blender. They’re not going to start changing how it works. They’re not going to inject the Corona Virus into it…

Blender had 30k it didn’t have a few days ago. That’s great for Blender! The more the better, honestly!

Gee whiz…