Microsoft is a gold member and funds blender now too

Little offtopic, but i hope one day Windows will be open source as operating system should be open in reality. Good that Microsoft supports Blender now as studios needs it more and more to develop games & other content.

they are likely to release more and more OS code, keeping some key parts closed, and will increasingly focus on services.
I could also speculate that the difference between linux and windows will become less and less …
Who knows, there may be “a windows” in the future, which will be nothing but the desktop enviorment of windows above a “linux engine”.
In this way, they will largely have to deal with “interfacing”, leaving the rest to the advantages of the collective development of open source.

it’s really funny that windows 10 comes with a built-in linux kernel now and the newest version can even run linux gui apps. who would have thought that 10 years ago. :joy:


yeah that is an interesting development. I am curious why.

From what I understand, a big motivator is Azure, their cloud platform. Just about everyone doing cloud related tasks is doing so on Linux. To stay competitive in that space, they needed to support Linux on that platform. Remote admin of Linux machines from Windows is a bit of a pain, so it made sense to integrate a Linux kernel and try to make things as seamless as possible… or risk losing cloud developers and admins to Linux desktops.


It is quite a sad thing to look at. You’re being very exclusive.

Ah yeah that makes sense. Nadella repositioned MS as a cloud service company.

It was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. I wasn’t saying people who don’t contribute to the fund shouldn’t have any input or say in Blender development. I was saying they shouldn’t complain about corporate sponsorship/donations/funding - which are vital at the moment in paying for full-time developers.


I think Windows will become a free OS for normal desktop users. This is why they keep putting telemetry and a tracking in the operating system so they could at least make money out of using users information, While having an enterprise version that cost money for support and doesn’t collect information…as much?

This is why you could upgrade from old windows version for free to Windows 10 even today.

During the initial roll out of Windows 10 you could upgrade from a pirated version of Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10 (legitimate version)

And you are right about azure and there is also “Containers” which is a Linux only technology and is more popular in the cloud than Virtualization now, because it’s easier, faster to deploy, with no licensing costs and it maximise hardware utilisation.

being able to deploy them on a Windows OS inside WSL2 (the embedded Linux kernel in Windows10) and develop them from Windows means they don’t lose all their developers to Linux… and they don’t lose Windows deployment on the cloud to Linux, also those developers will keep all the open source software that is part of the cloud, running well on Windows too (Hadoop, Git, and Node.js)…

Still they had bad history when it comes to open source and donating to a few open source projects and open sourcing a few libraries and making them cross platform is very good PR campaign…

Think of it like this:

Microsoft’s telemetry data only concerns itself with how long your PC has been powered on without a reboot, what programs have crashed during that time, and other miscellaneous OS things that wouldn’t be interesting to anyone outside of MS itself. While it can occasionally capture some personal information, it’s fairly rare, and only happens accidentally.

Despite this, people LOATHE Win10 for its supposed invasiveness.

…so how do you think people would react if MS started using the OS directly to collect data that would actually interest marketers, things that could be directly tied to you?

Yup. Thousands would rise up from their computer chairs in unison, intent on administering vicious mob justice. There’d be blood in the streets. All of Redmond would burn.

MS won’t go that route unless they’re purposefully trying to tank their entire Windows division.

They already do. Microsoft advertising ID

Forgot all about that one.

I looked up exactly what it does, and while it’s creepier than what I’m comfortable with, it’s still fairly limited compared to what Google and Facebook would snoop out of you. It’s an OS level API, but the OS itself doesn’t indiscriminately report on its findings. Rather, it’s accessed on a per app basis, and I believe is only a concern with apps downloaded off the Windows Store.

Still, it’s enough to make me wish I could get the Affinity programs working on Linux.


It also affects the Edge browser and Bing the search engine and off course Cortana. So it’s similar to Google advertising id, except in the case of Google you don’t pay them to spy on you (Android and most of their services are free) which is why I think Windows will become free as well

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I could see them maybe doing with it the entry level tiers of Windows 10X, but I still think it’s too risky for them to try something like that with their main OS.

Right now, they’re toeing the line, but they’re not making it difficult for people to opt out. You can turn off the advertising ID, you can use Firefox instead of Edge, and Cortana is far from being an integral part of the Windows experience (it’s already been decoupled from search, and it seems MS is set to phase it out entirely). Sure, they’d like to have those advertising dollars, but they also know which side their bread is buttered on. Their userbase will only tolerate so much.

Plus, MS is making tons of cash on Azure, to the point that everything else they do almost seems like an afterthought for them these days. Unlike Google, they don’t need to datamine their customers to pay the bills.

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If you are concerned about microsoft privacy stuff, running win 10 (cause software compatibility) and don’t plan to switch to Linux, there is this (less then 2 MB) Free app with 160+ privacy toggle switches called “O&O ShutUp10”.



You cut off the part of my quote “To make it worst, the toxo makes cat people like cats more which makes cat people never get rid of the cat, and deny any evidence that the cats do anything bad to them.”

Nice find ! thank you !

But if I quoted that part, it would’ve made the joke too obvious. :stuck_out_tongue: