Microsoft keyboard woes

Right now, I’m using a Microsoft USB Internet keyboard (until I can find a Saitek Eclipse that won’t cost an arm and a leg and my left nut to ship to Canada), and every once in a while, my caps lock key decides to open the search. Left control opens my favorites. Right control goes to my homepage. Now, for someone who is pretty much hotkey dependent, this can get really fucking annoying. Any remedies? So far, I’ve tried:
[>] Adware searching (and/or removing)
[>] Virus scan (no turnouts)
[>] Uninstalling/Reinstalling/Updated drivers
[>] Unplugging and Plugging back in
[>] Googling

Knowing me, it’s probably just some simple thing I’ve overlooked, and in that case, please excuse my stupidity.

Plan A: Find remedy.
Plan B: Find hammer.

try the keyboard settings in the control panel, this might let you choose the key mapping more correctly.


Give your keyboard a good clean maybe somethign is sticking inside it.

Remove the keys with a flat head screw driver(not hammer :wink: ) and give a good clean.

Is this on Firefox? If so this is a firefox bug that I have too, it’s got nothing to do with hardware. It’s very bad in 1.5 beta too. My problem is that the comma key opens search.

If it’s in windows, contact MS support about the keyboard.

Windows XP, using IE (no anti-IE/get Firefox posts now), if no browser is open the caps lock key will open Windows search, and either control key will open a browser window for me. This is the only Microsoft keyboard I’ve had problems with, but it is a fairly old keyboard.

On a little side note:

The problem “fixes” itself after a while, right now it’s working fine, but when it does it’s spontaneous control/caps lock nuisances, sometimes I even get that nice “Mute All” box checked in the volume control. Noticed that yesterday.

I’m a little hesitant about contacting MS support about it, as they haven’t been too helpful in the past. I’ve asked questions, but got answers to some that I didn’t ask.

Edit: Idea
I forgot that I had some of the internet buttons at the top of my keyboard working Winamp. The Favorites button being one of them (Search and Web/Home not, though). Disabling these, and if this is what’s screwing it up, excuse my stupidity.

Well, I broke down and bought a new keyboard.

The old one is pretty much screwed. I now know of all things wrong with it:
[>] Left Ctrl key opens my favorites.
[>] Right Ctrl key goes to my home page.
[>] Caps Lock both opens search and stops all audio (major pain in the ass, as when blending my hand sometimes moves too far to the left and I lose my music)
[>] Calculator button opened Windows Media Player
[>] My Computer button opened Outlook

But, all is better! With my new (Microsoft Digital Media Pro) keyboard. $40 Canadian, but it’s a pretty nice keyboard (for a Microsoft product).

And that’s the end of that chapter.