Microsoft Keyboard

Hello, hopefully the shunned name will attract some attention to this topic :slight_smile:

It’s about a keyboard made by microsoft with a really cool feature, where you can switch the keypad position to either left or right side of your keyboard. I have no actual experience with it, but I guess it could be really useful in Blender to have the view controls closer at hand.

I am also wondering, does anyone know of any similar products, or is this a first of its kind? I know of those numpad-only keyboards, but it’s not as elegant solution as this.

Here’s the official link

Hm… I think the dedicated gamer’s keyboards (like this) can be quite useful in an application like blender, especially as it is easy to configure each key - a workaround for blender’s lack of redefining keystrokes (a catastrophe for me). But I don’t have experience with those, but will try it soon. Might boost the keyboard/mouse concept.

But in this special case: An USB numpad costs around 10€… I use one myself. Very helpful to have the view controls at your left hand (too). But macro keys and easily recordable macros are a good idea…