Microsoft uses Linux

Came across this video, haven’t seen it yet, but it looks interesting:

There is another bit of recent news that might mean finally getting the year of Linux, but only because FOSS cheated (by being forced onto people through government edict, at least it is now the case if you are a student in France).

I would love to see a world where FOSS is the norm, but it has to be done by simply being better than the commercial options rather than by political force.

I have gone back and forth with linux for over a decade now, and it’s starting to be really viable.

There is a certain charm to being able to fix anything, paired with the burden of needing to fix a lot of things.

I’m just finishing up an integrated display project with looping video. After about an hour, the video would freeze. I couldn’t figure out what was making it freeze, but I could write a script to restart it every half hour. it’s a little bonky, but it works.

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Microsoft has always been deeply involved with Linux, and has been a significant financial contributor to various projects. (They have also worked very closely with Apple.) Their Docker® for Windows product runs Linux in a virtual machine monitor of their own devising.

But, Microsoft’s “bread and butter” has always been several tightly-integrated software stacks which use Windows® as their foundation layer. They’ve built an object-oriented software model which has been known by various names over these many years. And, Linux really doesn’t have any corollary to it. (Not that it needs one …) Microsoft’s strategy has certainly been successful, and their software is damned good. Yes, they came by their success honestly.

france and other countries like germany don’t force FOSS on people. they just finally came to the conclusion that it’s very problematic to use cloud services in schools. it’s about data privacy laws.

regarding microsoft i find it most funny that windows comes with a built-in linux kernel since a few years. :slight_smile: and it’s a really great thing actually. in the meantime you can even run graphical linux applications in windows. android apps supposedly too but i haven’t tried that yet.

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Nothing new or breathtaking… after 4 seconds in the video (you should watch what you post):

Klint Finley Business Sep 18. 2014 4:59 PM
Whoa Microsoft is using linux…

Also from WikiPedia: Windows_Subsystem_for_Linux

WSL 1 was first released on August 2, 2016

Also funny how window users complain about linux so different… and windows didn’t changed a bit ??

This very much depends on your definition of “involved”. If “involved” also includes “actively attempting to subdue and subvert Linux”, then yes, they were involved with Linux for many years before they pivoted to embrace it. However, I’m sure that’s not how most people define involvement. They have not always contributed to the development of the Linux ecosystem and have had a history of trying (and failing) to downplay and eliminate it.

Microsoft’s hard pivot to the “Microsoft :heart: Open Source” slogan (I have one of the stickers!) came as a direct result of changed leadership and their relatively late entry into the cloud infrastructure market with Azure. Cloud customers expected and demanded Linux, particularly for reasons of scalability… so they listened to those customers and made moves to become more involved.


This is FRIGHTening:

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