Microsoft Wants Red Hat Linux Users To Pay Up.... (ultimate stupidity)

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they want to charge us for using stuff that’s not theirs. Maybe its because I dislike butthurt people.

Or maybe its just that nobody is talking about the OS and just the company’s screw ups and constant annoyance to monopolize the market.

But I don’t know.

I won’t try and convince you otherwise. Let me just say that it’s not for no good reason that we don’t like microsoft.

Why do you like Microsoft? I bet it’s not because there’s no good reason not to like them…

I’ll grant you that Windows XP is generally stable and an easy OS to use, as long as you have general computer savviness. But it’s not about XP, it’s about the company. Also Vista is their latest OS. And that’s when the criticism really started to pick up and become more well known.

Also, can you deny that Ballmer is a psycho after watching those videos?

Yup, Microsoft is evil in some of it’s practices.

No one bashed XP. But Vista is CRAP…

I think MIcrosoft needs its head examined! Linux (Red Hat) is Unix based, not Windows based. The Gui (like KDE Gnome XFCE etc) are X based not win32.dll ui32.dll etc based.
What else is left?

If Microsoft looked into the source and discovered that Linux also has Microsoft code, it is because Microsoft is probably using Unix code in its source, and not the other way around.

And all this crap sounds like the same if Coca Cola is going to tax Pepsi drinkers or McDonalds is asking money from folks who eat at Burger King.

XP good. Vista = CRAP = Windows ME reincarnated (a.k.a Windows ME II (and that is an insult for Windows ME))

Well why not check Vista after the first service pack is released, then call it crap if it still is crappy.

Besides I heard Microsoft is planning and developing a new Windows already.

We haven’t upgraded to Vista, we’re sticking with XP for now, we usually wait until the first service pack at the least, but I’ve heard Vista is huge and computer requirements for games go up with Vista.

Drian ? - whoops; someone’s got a red face.

RAM is heroin to Vista.

It’s true that it uses a lot of ram for primary stuff, but a lot is simply caching of application data etc.

Check out my ram usage on FC7 with 4gb of ram. Only Firefox, Thunderbird, System Monitor and a few Konqueror windows open. Blue is application Memory. The rest is cached stuff. If I were to kill all of the user apps it would still be using about 800-900mb of ram right off the bat.

Here’s the breakdown of the top Ram users (vmRss is the ram usage). X server and Firefox are the main culprits, along with the update manager, which I suppose I could kill if I wanted to.

Anyway, it’s good that OSes use as much ram as possible, even if it’s just for caching - it generally makes your system more responsive, as it doesn’t have to spin up the hard drive as often.

@Cyborg Dragon – Microsoft usually works on two versions ahead in their OS. Granted, they may only work ONE ahead right now since Vista is so new.

I believe the code name for XP was Black Comb and Vista was Sugar Loaf. These were two slopes the MS devs liked skiing a whole lot – at least that’s what one of the MS guys was saying a few years back.

I guess that explains why they’ve been going ‘downhill’ since Windows XP.

Ha! That’s funny! :smiley:

I few years back I remember reading an article about Windows components in Linux. I believe there was a certain subsystem (I/O, Disk Read/Write, etc) that was property of Microsoft and that there was a legal battle. But I’m sure that’s been resolved by now. The only way Linux can possibly violate Microsoft is perhaps Wine, which I use frequently on my Linux machine.


Which is not a violation since WINE is reverse engineered which would be totally legal (Apple/XEROX). Microsoft got nothing.

i usually try to stay out of these religious wars, but i gotta say that the more I think about that picture of the kid in the red hat feeding the kangaroos, it really strikes me as being such an excellent metaphor for what is happening.

This is a bunch of insecure people who have to bash MS to validate their use of Linux. Seems oxymoronic to say how cool Linux is, then use Windows apps aided with a crappy Wine thing.

I’ve been using my new PC with a 24" flat screen SyncMaster monitor for a couple of weeks now. I made sure it came with a NVIDIA graphics card. My main apps are running smoothly in Vista including Blender. Gimp and Inkscape are also running effortlessly. And Vista is beautiful!

I tried for the last time installing the latest Kubuntu, then Ubuntu in my laptop. They’re the same crappy, disorganized OSes that I’ve tried installing before. They still look unprofessional, fonts look bad, and still got this ancient DOS-like interface as opposed to Windows and Mac’s point and click. Again it’s another royal waste of time. Don’t really know what they saw in this OS. After all these years installation is still DOS/Unix-like. If these folks would just organize themselves and come up with something professional leading to Win/Mac point and click before releasing another crap…

Hmm. Well tyrell, that’s cool I guess. But I’ve had the opposite experience with Linux and Vista.

I was used to Windows XP, then I tried Vista and they had moved all sorts of stuff around, spread things around in the control panel that used to be together. Then there were all the UAC confirmations, which were absolutely ridiculous. To me, Vista was a right royal screw-up in regards to interface. Not to mention sluggish in performance as far as I could tell.

Then coming to Ubuntu, I thought it was really quite a beautiful and simple interface, where everything was accessible within one or two clicks. But gnome wasn’t customizable enough (more customizable than Vista though), so I switched to Fedora 7 with KDE, which I’m still using, and have been able to do things with the interface that I was never able to do in XP or Vista… It took me a little patience to learn the new system, but now I’m comfortable with how things work on Linux. The only thing that can suck, I’ll grant you, is wireless.

Let’s not forget, no viruses and malware to worry about anymore, no DRM, none of the things that are wrong with Vista. Oh, and I didn’t have to pay Microsoft for the pleasure. Nor do I have to be tempted to use pirated apps anymore, as I can always find an alternative that’s free and made for Linux.

So again, it’s not that our opinions make it fact, but subjectively, we both have valid arguments. Thing is, there are many long-time Windows users who’ve used Vista and thought the same things I think about it. There are more users trying out Linux for the first time because of Windows Vista than there are Linux users moving to Vista.

EDIT: In regards to Sanne’s post below, he/she (Sanne is a female name in Holland) is right and this is off-topic and has little to do with MS business practices, which is the issue. Excuse my response.

Hey people (Cyborg Dragon and tyrell especially), didn’t you read the original post? This is not about operating systems and if the are any good or better than the other. This is about Microsoft’s business practice of claiming Linux violates their “intellectual property” without backing this statement up with actual proof, and thus, spreading FUD.

Which OS may be better or not is entirely offtopic to this discussion and only distracts from the real issue.

If MS ever succeds to pull off a stunt like that, I sincerelly hope that EU steps on them again, in a bigger, better etc. fashion.

Do we really need those bully USA corps. around here?

So in regards to the patent threat… How would MS actually use these threats on an international scale against Linux? It’s not as if the latter are a single entity based in one country…

The Linux kernel is only subject to 45 of the 235 patent accusations. The rest are to do with other aspects. For example there are 65 accusations against the GUI elements of Linux… I wonder if these are simply cosmetic patents, rather than code patents… I.E the way that the minimize, maximize, close windows buttons look and are named… Another bunch are against OpenOffice.

I don’t believe Microsoft is a real threat to Linux. The worst thing that they can do is use the legal threats to bully the bigger linux distributors into making deals with them. Which they’ve done of course. Just another example of a big corporation abusing their position of power to get what they want. At least the EU has called them on certain aspects of abusing their monopoly.

Which they’ve done of course.

I don’t believe Microsoft is a real threat to Linux.

  • have you noticed Apache server share fall in last 2yr … etc. They want to find a way to sneak into floss and do their thing (aka desktop/enterprise monopoly) … geeks with brains should really figure out how to keep them at bay.