Microsoft Word outlawed in the US

Microsoft screwed up again but this time legally. I wonder how many programs of theirs this ruling will affect; perhaps microsoft products are going to be sold on black markets and speak-easys from now on :wink:

wow, the verdict is out already? I heard the lawsuit was filed just this morning…

Oops, double post. Sorry:no:

hooray! die microsoft! die!

Wait, then what will happen to OpenOffice?!

Lol, and the company they ripped off was i4i, “eye for an eye”…

Ummm yeah … . .we was just this few minutes on the chat box and I found about this. So cool!

Does this mean everyone who has MS office now has it as a bootleg software?

Word is one of their better apps. Unless Open Office or World Perfect doesn’t infringe on the patent people may be stuck with cheapo limited writing programs or simply just gasp notepad:eek:

After doing a bit of research, I’ve found that Microsoft plans to, if the verdict is ruled against them and their appeal is denied, to release a patch that disable custom XML(aka the docx files, which were a mistake in the first place) one step forward and two steps back!

Look at all Linux fanboys getting hard ons.

I have Word, I wonder if my computer is illegal now… Luckily I also have OpenOffice installed.

I hope Microsoft doesn’t die. All my computer games are only on Windows.

Ah yes… and doesn’t it feel good! I think I’ll go print that article and read it again when my wife’s not watching! Mmmmmmmm… :wink:

Makes me proud to be from Toronto. :slight_smile:

Don’t get to excited, Texas is the promise land for companies looking to file patent infringement cases, no matter how weak their case.

You realize your including folks like the nice lady in her 80’s we sold a Linux (Ubuntu) system to today. I’m sure she would get a nice laugh out of this kind of thing, but it’s still incredibly juvenile. :no:

Microsoft doesn’t need any help from “fanboys” to look like an ID10T, my business is BUILT around M$ issues. :rolleyes:

Hear that? that’s the sound of change happening…

Why would a company want to sue microsoft… I wonder…

But i personally, and please don’t blast me, believe that microsoft is a great comany that is pioneering in the world of computers

… i honestly don’t think that anyone is that sad…

lol… look at all the microsoft white knights… :smiley:

You are missing my point. Yes Microsoft does suck and they also do some good things. Last time I was pissed off at them was few weeks ago when I couldnt set up costumer’s computer to connect to the internet. Then when I went to enter information on my handheld (that was given to me by my employer to use on the job) my handheld just stopped working so I had to hard reboot it. We are running Microsoft Mobile something on them. Anyway, I lost all my data.
On the other hand, at home I have Windows 7 on my machine and I havent had any issues with it. Not ever a little ones. Everything runs perfect. I just cant complain about it.
My point is that this MS hate that you see displayed on different forums is childish. Why waste your time on the forum wait for an opportunity to call Microsoft names? Why not have something constuctive to say in threads like this? If they have done something that bad to you then sue them.
Im gonna have 10 different people jumping on me now.
Oh well, what else can I expect from a forum that is full of little teenagers with their Linux machines who are out to prove how much better their machines are just because they are running Linux on them. Talk about wasting time.

This will end up having zero, zippo, nada, nichevo, no impact whatsoever.

Pot. Kettle. Black…

Die Microsoft!

Don’t want to sound irrational, but as microsoft slowly dies open source as open office and linux will become bigger, and that is what we want! It’s not about whats better than the other, the thing is that open source is built by visionariness and by people that believe in a bright future, microsoft is made by a bunch of stinky, fat idiots that just try to figure out how to use their half monopoly to suck out money from innocent people and companies. Hardware certification that cost for the hardware-companies so that their hardware could be used in windows 64 bit? WTF! WTF! WTF! WTF! WTF!!!

Windows and word maybe is good, but microsoft is destructive as hell! Without them linux would rule the world and be much better than it is today.

I know that I’m overreacting but… that is what my cow heart tells me!

Feel dirty… writing this on my windows visa:no: