Microsoft's blocking Blender

I was surprised Windows Defender claimed that a signed app could be a risk.

I won’t have time for argument, but I found this one pretty annoying enough to take the time to share it here.
Of course, I clicked “Run anyway” and maybe I’ll run away from Windows anyway.

I have never seen this message for Blender, but I have for many other software packages I have tried to install. You are making a big deal over nothing. It is only telling you that the application is unrecognized (this could be due to the build you are trying to install) and giving you a warning first. It is not blocking anything. This is a safety measure, a good thing. Don’t turn it into something bad. Sheesh.

These are the same people who click on every OK button they see, but complain Windows is riddled with viruses… :wink:

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start linux as soon as you can✌

After downloading, did you check the file properties and unblock?

If not then this message should be expected, for pretty much any executable file.

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Nothing special.
It’s signed so it shouldn’t be suspicious to Microsoft.

Windows Defender is sub par, it should check on VirusTotal first :slight_smile:

Yeah, you’ll get that warning for anything that doesn’t have a digital signature. It’s not really that big of a deal. Once you allow it to run once, it’ll never bother you again.

I just checked that out on my end. Though it has a signature, I still get the Windows Defender warning whenever I try to install it. Though once it’s installed, it doesn’t give you a warning when you fire up Blender itself.

He’s some background information on what’s going on with it


Background: I have 31 years of PC under the belt (oh crap), I also manage Mac and Linux machines at home and work (and Android if I count custom roms and virtual machines). I wasn’t scared or whatever by the Windows Defender message.
As a developer, I simply put myself in Blender shoes and wonder what raised the flag, and consequences on future adoption of Blender by Windows users.

Thank you @LazyDodo!
I understand more about the information you provide with the certificate.

Looking at the Blender certificate, it looks like emails are missing

Maybe that’s because of this.

I’ve read it’s ~$400 per year for one app certification.
Better not miss a thing!

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I don’t get them on the full releases, but did when I was using the nightly builds – each new nightly build it would require me to click through “run anything”.

Looking at the Blender certificate, it looks like emails are missing

email is an optional field, nothing bad will happen if you leave that empty( even ms doesn’t use it. check the signature on kernel32.dll for instance)

The reason we’re seeing this popup is a regular certificate was used (an EV certificate would have given instant credibility for smart screen, but this type of cert was not chosen due to fears it may not have integrated into the building process easily) and not enough credibility has been build for smart-screen to stop panicking.