Microsoft's play anywhere, video of it in action

This device here can transform any surface into a virtual playfeild, while it can’t yet make 3D objects in thin air like in Star trek it’s pretty cool the way it is.

Thats really neat. If I had one, I could play air hockey and not have to buy one of those expensive tables…

Think about modelling in blender with that one… Extruding, rotating, scaling, grabbing… Making a walk-cycle with your fingers (sort of motion capture?) :smiley:
Drawing, painting, playing fps… or … not… :stuck_out_tongue:

must…play…Empire At War…on this…[oh that would be so cool…]

ok now i want one… alot…

I want to know, how much will it cost?

I seems to remember from one of the science/technology mag i have that a company have already made something similar to this only the size of a fist. Let me look it up and let u decide with might be better.

And now there is this:

that photosynth r not really suprising to me cause when the GPS first came out, I believed that something like that would be made sooner or later and the only dissapointment i have is that this are by microsoft. I hope to see similar software by different companies (like google earth) that wouldn’t charge alot for something a communities could do for free.

I am still waiting for a good merger of GPS and Photography. Photosynth works without GPS data.