Microsoft's project Natal (now Kinect), E3 presentation and launch titles

It appears the Xbox 360 is getting closer to having the same large volume of shovelware that the Wii has.

You think virtual rafting wasn’t enough, now you get to try obstacle courses like seen in summer camp, make your Xbox Live avatar dance, splash paint onto a canvas, and play little party games.

Currently I think that unless these are really beefed up and have much more fantastic and exotic locales then what you have when doing the real thing then these will just seem to be tech demos that you get bored of quickly and realize you just spent money on it.

Hopefully there will be better, funner, longer, and more interesting games that will come out for this in the near future, otherwise it will just be an expensive piece of hardware without a game library that will keep you entertained for months. Why would I want to try an obstacle course in a locale modeled to look like a summer camp instead of one that looks like a futuristic industrial park or exotic planet?

They probably will come out with better games, I heard once that Halo Reach may use it in their game, but it was rumor when I heard it and haven’t heard anything since, I think it could be really fun if they make the right kinds of games for it.

I am curious about how that system will work.

The input format can quickly dictate the type of game you can only play.

At the end also price will be an important aspect.

Nintendo has a long history of good game design and the Wii is not
for crazy First Person Shooters.

That is the secret Nintendo was following to offer an alternative entertainment
system back to be family and group orientated.

That required less graphical power but smarter game concepts.

Nuke the drive and use it as a puppetry interface for Blender.

That will probably be done by a lot of blender users.

Microsoft just gave it a new name, now it’s called Kinect

Also, one of the first demos of someone actually using the technology to interact with a virtual character, in this case a tiger.

Is it just me or does the environment look like a real-time variation of the one in Big Buck Bunny (it’s clearly not exactly the same but still)?

I may have to check it, a BBB atmosphere in real-time, maybe it is too good to be true ? I suppose technology is fast outpacing some of ours imagination to say the least.