Microsoft's Visual Studio Express Edition is out, and FREE!!

(tmr232) #1

For anyone interested, I just found out about it and thought that some of you might wonna know…

for more info and to download.

Hope it interested someone,


(bmax) #2

Thanks, that’ll add an entry to my “Never Ever Download Under Any Circumstances” (NEDUAC) list!

(valarking) #3

The express editions have been out for a while. They’re pretty limited in features compared to the full ones, but I’m not exactly going to use MFC anytime soon.

I found them incredibly useful. Essentially, the express editions showed me that I don’t ever want to buy the full versions. :wink:

I’m still happily using VC6. Unfortunately, knowing MS, they changed the project file format so you would have to upgrade to open them.

(Dittohead) #4

Web Developer doesn’t contain support for PHP. Not my cup of tea then.

(vliegtuig) #5

Looked at it, nice.
Only problem: won’t install on Service Pack 1.
Agh. Anyone still having probs with SP2 lately?

(shbaz) #6

I just grabbed VS 2005 Pro for free. Suckers!

(Haker) #7

LOL, who shat in your cornflakes?

(SamAdam) #8

this has been free for a long time in beta. i asked the devs to update the sources to this version but got no response, unfortunately.


(bmax) #9

LOL, who shat in your cornflakes?[/quote]

My guinnea pig…

(ascotan) #10

This edition is basically a stable beta version of vc8. You still have to install the windows sdk to build anything that includes <windows.h>.
I’m still waiting for them to release the ‘standard’ version.