Microsoft's Visual Studio Express Edition is out, and FREE!!

For anyone interested, I just found out about it and thought that some of you might wonna know…

for more info and to download.

Hope it interested someone,


Thanks, that’ll add an entry to my “Never Ever Download Under Any Circumstances” (NEDUAC) list!

The express editions have been out for a while. They’re pretty limited in features compared to the full ones, but I’m not exactly going to use MFC anytime soon.

I found them incredibly useful. Essentially, the express editions showed me that I don’t ever want to buy the full versions. :wink:

I’m still happily using VC6. Unfortunately, knowing MS, they changed the project file format so you would have to upgrade to open them.

Web Developer doesn’t contain support for PHP. Not my cup of tea then.

Looked at it, nice.
Only problem: won’t install on Service Pack 1.
Agh. Anyone still having probs with SP2 lately?

I just grabbed VS 2005 Pro for free. Suckers!

LOL, who shat in your cornflakes?

this has been free for a long time in beta. i asked the devs to update the sources to this version but got no response, unfortunately.


LOL, who shat in your cornflakes?[/quote]

My guinnea pig…

This edition is basically a stable beta version of vc8. You still have to install the windows sdk to build anything that includes <windows.h>.
I’m still waiting for them to release the ‘standard’ version.