Microsoft's Windows 7 launch party hype attempt crashes and burns to the ground

Apparently according to comments Microsoft completely slaughtered the KISS rule and made things a bit too complicated for the average person to do a launch party.

When you keep advertising schemes of this caliber simple to follow, and not over-complicate things with catches and paperwork, then it’s a success, at least the actual OS doesn’t seem to be like that outside of copying all your files, erase your hard-drive and put everything back on 7.

The Linux evangelists and XP holdouts will no doubt have a field day with this.

…lol. One side rule exception to this is . . . any news is publicity. While some may chuckle at the turn of events, others will capitalise. The market acts in strange ways. I’m not a big of this Windows myself, but the service and products they have supplied is quite good, and a little of skin off the nose in the longer term can produce superior results.

Who cares. Only important thing is that Windows 7 is awesome. :eyebrowlift:

You’re the only one who thought it was important enough to post about it.

I thought it was kind of amusing, but it’s not really anything earth-shattering. Anyone who’s not a Microsoft marketroid could see that this would fail. It’s a stupid idea.

I remember it was said that their launch event [the official one, with Steve Balmer] was exceedingly simple… must be weird trying to keep it simple and still have a party lol, maybe that’s why the PR was so lukewarm at giving invites.

Clippy: “It seems you are trying to have a launch party! Can I help you?”

“You just opened a can of beer. The party needs to be restarted to apply the changes. Would you like to restart the party now?”

Pretty sad really, its like Bill Gates is trying to find the meaning of life. It makes me think that windows 9 would be the final and the last OS that will be made.

I’m technically still a Windows 2000 holdout.

(ive got XP, and Ubuntu to, and I will be getting 7 pretty soon)

Last night, I finally had time to re install my workstation from scratch (it was long overdue to do so). My backup image failed so I had to manually install XP, and while XP was installing, I culdn’t help but noticing the text that accompanied that various stages.
I wondered how different the writing would be now that people install or upgrade to W7

It was actually pretty funny to read how advanced and much faster everything is supposed to happen now that xp is out lol

For the record, I think Palmer is nuts. Anyone ever seen that video clip where he goes into the “developers developers developers” rant? LOL

Adios Amigos :slight_smile: