Microunit in Finland

Microunit located in Finland, a small project, I have taken some extra images for you, I hope you like it


More renders

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I’m on a phone right now but these look spectacular. I’ll have a look on a big screen later. Impressive!!!

Very nice, looks like your having fun.

wow, very impressive!

Thank you!

Thakns, Yes!

thanks mate

It looks cool.
Did you use PBR-Shaders ?

I really like these renderings! Very bright and crisp!
Can you share the lighting setup and render settings?

I like those materials. Especially those pillows and blankets. They look so soft and realistic. Excellent work in my opinion.

Very nice!

Great job, it looks almost real.

Great job.
it’s great in every aspect… Nice! Very Nice!

These are just gorgeous. How did you create the rug? It’s kind of blowing my mind. I have yet to render within Blender, so I’m curious how difficult that was to render. Is it a texture or modeled? And please forgive me if that’s obvious to seasoned users.

Such a beautiful scene, I especially love the material on the rug, bed, and couches.

White walls, white ceiling, white furniture (some of them), white doors … this is a lighting nightmare. Top notch result, thanks for sharing it.

If you have the time I would love to hear about any issues you had during lighting, hoe much post-processing it was required, if you rendered in HDR and fixed exposure later, …

It looks excellent! Well done!
Personally I like the warm tone of the second batch of images. Everything looks very pure, I’m not sure if it would look so pure even it been new. If you have time and desire to play, I would like to see a version with, let see… about 5 or 10 years old in the room, with some stains and wear in textures.

Congratulations for the feature row!

Thank you very much, Yes PBR-shaders

thank you friend, I hope to help you with this

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