Microwave's Christmas Adventure WIP (UPDATE: small DEMO)


EDIT: This is an EXE i will post the .blend later today.
http://www.savefile.com/files/304940 DEMO!
When you get into the game the camera will be facing the sky, move it around a bit until you get a good view!
CLICK TO SHOOT! and move the mouse around to look around.
W = Forward.

Hello all.
I’ve been making this crappy little game for 2 days!
Here’s the story line:
Santa’s Spies tell him that an army of little goblins is going to steal the presents out of his sled on christmas eve. You have been hired to put a stop to it… by killing all of the goblins :smiley:
It will include: 4 levels (You will get a new gun in each level)
First Level - Park. you will receive a pistol (and you can knock the slides around for fun)
Second level - Suburban Area. (Narrow Streets) you will receive a shotgun
Third area - Compound. you will receive a m16 (rifle)
Fourth area - Secret Goblin Village in the woods. you will receive a FLAMETHROWER and i’m HOPEFULLY going to make it so you can set the enviroment on fire :slight_smile:
anyway, now onto the screens:

Main Menu

Playing around with the Scenery :slight_smile:

Knocking the slide sky-high
I’ll have some more pictures soon.

one question… if it’s a xmas adventure y not put snow on the ground?

I was thinking the same thing.
Also the slides look a bit high poly for the game engine. I can’t say for sure without a wireframe though.

This looks interesting, I’m looking forward to some christmas spirit!

EDIT: If you want to get some falling slow, that goes easy on the frames per second, I suggest making a plane with a texture that has a alpha backround with some white dots (the snow). Then do some searching for a texture scrolling script. I tried it out, and it works great!

LoL didn’t think of that… probably coz it doesn’t snow in Australia hehe.
Thanks for the comments.

lol, that would explain it :smiley:

Yeah lol.
Wireframe of the slide:

I’ve got the pistol working in the first level but i need enemies to shoot at :slight_smile:

those aren’t too high poly :smiley: looked really high on the model :smiley: how many faces?

Something around 300.
http://www.savefile.com/files/304940 DEMO!

Hey I was really looking forward to this, but for some reason when I click start game it shows the game for about .5 of a second then the only thing I see is the health bar, or atleast I think thats what they are, and plane blue. Sorry maybe I have to restart my computer.

Yeah it always happens. What you have to do is move your mouse backwards (so the camera goes down) and you should be able to see everything.

Hey ths game isn’t too bad. Not to good. But its fun! :slight_smile: Ok, if you can setup a camera that moves when you use mouse, make a walk cycle, a menu and etc ( i know you said it would be crappy) I know its a demo but make the shots actually do something…like if it hits the slide or bench. And come on the character? alls it is is 4 boxes and a cap on it, lol. BUT hey its a demo. You made it in two days and you can improve it alot in less. :slight_smile:

hehe yeah the character’s pretty bad. (It’s actually a Microwave with arms and legs, no hands though…) Yeah i’m going to add enemies soon that you can shoot and will shoot back at you.
Just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
I’ll also add falling snow.

I got a lot of “frame out:”

fireside made an animation “mixing”? demo recently. I noticed that when you shoot, the walk cycle stops, so might want to just animate his hand, so you might want to take a look at that.


I’m going to check something…
Oh and self adhesive, thanks i’ll look at that :slight_smile: