Microworld - Le petit prince?

Welcome to my world, a small world that is. There used to live animals here as well and they liked it so much, they jumped excited with joy, but the gravity was so low that they went up high into the air and were never seen again (eventually freezing to death in the higher atmosphere).

I finally found time this weekend, to model and render my microworld, a project I had in mind for quite a while. I am pretty happy with the result, considering the limited time I spent on this. Hope you like it and of course your critics are highly welcome.

Great work, I love it

I very much like the idea, but I think with just a little more work it could look even much better.
Especially the water look kind of iffy and the transition from water to land. I am also not sure about the background, technically atmosphere should be only around the planet, no? And last thing to scaling between the grass and the bush bothers me, but maybe you like it that way. That’s about all I can think of. Great work nevertheless :slight_smile:

Only last idea, maybe if you made the transition between light and dark parts more rapid it could enhance the effect of it being a planet (kind of like really in space), but then again maybe not…

Thanks for your comments! I gave it another few hours this weekend and played around with the lightning, with the materials, the background and even the vegetation, but whatever y tried, it started to look worse with every change. I somehow couldn’t get into the flow and so I got bored and started to work on something else :S with some scenes sometimes it seems that they just can’t be fixed…

I like it! the best are the orange glowing flower, it seems like a lil bit mystical.