Is this realistic enough in other words is it believable? This a simplified cell in the middle… It will be part of an animation this scene will be only 5 sec long so I didn’t want to go crazy with details. The animation is rendering now I just wanted to know if I should make any last minute tweaks before the rendering is to far gone.

It’s pretty close, nice work BTW, maybe you could make the generated vine branches black and white so they match and add more texture or bumpiness to the thing in the middle so it matches the background in level of detail.
Also real electron microscope images are black and white, I’m kinda guessing any color is added later, so if you want it totally to look like it came straight from the microscope it would be totally black and white.
Nice work though, looks pretty good :D.

Thanks yea originally I was going black and white - yup color is added because the things are so darn small they don’t reflect any of the color spectrum (something like that) - but the scene looked to dull, so I decided to add a little color. Should I change the background from white? or make it all black and white? As for more bumpiness I’ll see how much I can add, as my computer can handle because it already is barely chugging as is. Thanks for the input. Ill see what I can do. Also I plan to add a filter later after I finish the animation maybe a blur of a particle in the lens idk?

I was kinda thinking of maybe a bunch of small bumps, like what would be achieved with an image texture.
Also, maybe you should try to match the contrast and brightness of this image, hopefully that will add interest in the place of color:

Considering how electrons microscopes work (they scan, rather than take a snapshot, I believe), I dunno that lens effects would add realism, but I dunno.
Here’s some more wiki images:

I think it looks damned cool. Are the requirements that it look just like an electron scope or can it use color to bring the eye to the things you have colored?

Yea I wanted the things colored to stand out - my attempt to add some aesthetics- but I took your suggestion and it looks better I added a texture to the middle thing along with an extra minute and half of render time but hey… it looks better

I’d say its realistic, though you’re probably done rendering by now

I finished the aniamation 14 hours later… not sure how to post animation i’m not really feeling ambitious enough to create a youtube or vimeo account… but here is a black and white render I like the other one better and I will try to post animation

If you’re going to make colors at all you should probably brighten them so there’s more contrast between the focus and the background

Good point.