Midday Glory

This is my debut post on Blenderartists and my first bigger Render-Image Projekt. I wanted to do something thats a bit kitchy and has a bit of an cartoon-like touch: A sunny midday in the Alps! Yeah…! :cool: Thats what I came up with.

Blender 2.49b, Blender Internal
Other Software used: Photoshop, ngplant, ivygenerator

Rendertime was about 2 hours on my old Pentium4 2,4 Ghz


Superb work and a great first post, welcome. The render is very clean and I like the stylized look of it. The only problem I see is that the sun looks like it is in the top right corner, yet the shadows suggest that it is behind the camera.

Yeah well … thats because … this is in Switzerland near the CERN-Institute which recentley created some small black holes … and their gravitation-field somewhat bended the sundrays!! :wink:

:smiley: ROTFLMAO!!! great answer. that was funny. You did a great job on this looks awesome!! Great way to introduce yourself. I will be watching for more from you in the future. Welcome to the forum!!

Welcome, really good looking image, good work.

about the wondering sun rays… I knew that they will make mini black hole over there at CERN, but nobody would listen to the voice of reason… :slight_smile:

Nice look, a bit too bright. Also, there is something wrong with the scale. I assume the same size person/creature that lives in the house crosses the bridge. But the two awnings are almost the same size in your image. Yet the house it farther back in the scene. It just confounds the mind. You know something is wrong with it but you just can’t put your finger on it.

I like your style, nice artistic flair to this piece, appreciate the angle and the lens. I assume your just new to blender, and not 3d in general. Whatever the case…Welcome.

You know, because of the Cern-Experiments, there is lot of weird time-space - bending stuff going on there … ah well, forget about that…
But thanks for the critique :slight_smile:


is CERN modified sun also makes the twin trees look way too different in lightning. anyway, I like the light mood. It certainly conveys the idea of a sunny alpine scene. Funny how even with chaotic shadows, dramatic light changes and scale issues the image is still compelling.