Middle mouse button broken

My mouse just broke, and it doesn’t register when I middle-click, scrolling is fine, but I was wondering if someone had the ever-so-valuable-to-me knowledge on how to rebind it. Because until I get a new mouse I’m not able to use blender anymore.

Don’t bother asking things like “Did you restart your mouse/computer” Because I tried literally everything.

Did you perhaps already try “emulate 3 button mouse” in the prefs? Look it up in the wiki to see what your new clicks are going to be. One of the most talented artists on this forum uses this setup by choice so you’re not going to miss that much.

Also just to be sure, in IE on windows if you open a webpage and middle click you should see a circle with up/down arrows appear normally. So if you do see that then your mouse is not broken. Just covering all the bases here.

May sound stupid… but if your mouse is cordless, it may have a battery in it? Might not hurt to change the battery if it does.

But if the battery was dead, he wouldn’t be able to use it at all, would he? I’ve never used chordless mouse’s though, so I may be wrong.

I started having my mouse locking up intermitantly when the battery was getting real low… sometimes it would work sometimes it would not. When it would happen at first I thought my whole computer froze up…

Either way, can’t hurt to try it… I would just borrow someone elses mouse for 5 minutes … plug it in… if all works correctly you know your mouse is no good… A mouse is pretty darn cheap… unless its some special 3d mouse.