middle mouse rotating on Ubuntu

rotating with the middle mouse button only works randomly. Every blender update seems to make it worse. in the latest is pretty much unusable on Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity desktop.
Thanks for any help.

Are you using “turntable” or “trackball” rotation? What exactly is happening?

I just spent a few minutes on my debian machine trying to break this and couldn’t. Can you characterize “random” a little better (actually random, worse over time, better after coffee, etc.). RF mouse or attached? If RF, old battery or relatively new?

Is your mouse dying? Working fine here on Linux mint

simply rotating in 3d view. how to rotate? middle mouse only works maybe 20%. my logitech mouse is working fine anywhere else.
hmm a little more luck now after moving a mesh with right button, very weird. will see how it goes.

Anybody with Ubuntu/Unity? I’ve tried also with with another desktop, but the same broken mess.

The same on Fedora/Gnome. Even on Windows 10 the middle mouse doesn’t work always.
Any ideas? I have a wireless Logitech mouse.

Seriously, try another mouse.
For me the middle-mouse button is usually the first thing to get broken on any mouse.

It works fine anywhere else. Even on older Blender 2.49 it works fine. What mouse do you recommend?

Agreeing with IkariShinji on that MMB thing. I find a quick solution (other than buying a replacement mouse) is to re-assign the MMB functions to one of the side rockers on the MMB. (Most mice seem to have them.) Effectively it barely changes how you press (just off to one of the sides), but ends up using another switch that isn’t worn out.

Also I find that many Linux distros tend to be stupid about giving the OS one of the modifier keys all too often used by other software. (Again it’s stupid because it’s not well thought out in how it interferes with anything else working.) Not sure if the same is the case with MMB, but I wouldn’t rule it out. The answer for that is to use dconf Editor and change what is used by the OS. Usually mouse settings and switching the OS to use the Super key instead of alt or ctrl.

emulate 3 button doesn’t help my logitech mouse but changing middle mouse to left mouse for ex. I see in the settings that I need to click middle mouse 3-4 times before it gets recognized. So something wanky probably only with logitech. I’ll change all middle to left mouse and need to get used to…

ps: never mind found it below image

the best so far is setting F1 and F2 for rotating and moving in 3d view. How to set the same in the uv editor? cant find those settings.
many thanks