Middle mouse wheel very sluggish, How to fix it?

I have Blender 2.82, running on Linux Mint 19.3… A few weeks ago when I use my mouse’s wheel to orbit around a selected object, I notice that its laggy/sluggish when orbiting. Simple scenes too, It happens on default grey cube. When I got to websites I can scroll just fine. It seams to me when you press the middle mouse wheel and rotate/orbit around an object it does that. Any ideas on how to fix this?

What are the specs of your computer? Do you have an nVidia GPU?

My read on this is that it’s a hardware issue.

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MSI GE72 6QF Apache Pro - Nvidia 970M - I7 processor - Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon

(Side note)
I do have GPU Compute CUDA Active, but if the laptop suspense/sleeps it disables it in Blender. So I can only render using the GPU after restarting. Weird issue, I’m trying to fix