Middle of Nowhere

Inspired by Cartoon Network animated series i made simple scene in my stylistic. I think it still need some more details but i don’t know if made a still with better render quality or vine animation or 1 min short. What do you think?

I made some improvements and looks like day version (I will made olso night version) is there.

Nice work…make a short man.

Looks like it’s from Courage the Cowardly Dog. :slight_smile:

And it also looks great! Would love to see a short
with maybe some characters to bring it to life…

pretty cool, I would reposition the truck though, or change the curvature of the ground, because it looks like the truck is stuck in the sand.

I like the style you have here. I feel that if the house is actually built on sand, there should be some solid foundation underneath. So, add in some rocks that protrude out of the sand, and all that. Also, vehicles like your truck will not be able to drive through the sand like that at all, haha, so make some tracks, reduce the sand amount there. Overall, I like it!

I like the look of this. The large sand texture makes everything look like miniatures. Great work.

I also like the style. Gives me a sort of rango vibe. Keep it up!

great work :yes: