Midget Mustang

cycles render,15 minutes

Make look like this render image.

I don’t have photoshop.

Use gimp is free,I use it.

I’m not very good with gimp. Seems hard to understand.

I have a copy of photoshop cs4, just go get the 30 day free trial :slight_smile:

Every thing takes practices. At first I was lost,but it took the time to learn. I’m sure you will master it soon.:yes:

I’m sorry, but I can’t help but find that statement humorously ironic. You’ve got a handle on an advanced 3D modeling/animation/rendering software… I’ll let you finish that thought.

Anyway, on to a realistic critique: So far I think its a good base. The materials could use a bit of tweaking though. There seems to be very little specular which makes the paint look very un-paint like. Also, using a single white light gives a very studio feel. Try tweaking the lighting color to match the mood you desire for the image. Also, if you’re going for realism: the background and fence could use some work too. The fence seems too uniform to be real. There would be some sagging or something going on. Most real chain link fences don’t end right on the link points either. If that’s just an alpha mapped flat poly, you could consider a multi-arrayed high poly model of a single linked section to give it more depth and realism. And last but not least: if photoshop/gimp isn’t your forté, Blenders built in compositing nodes are quite powerful as well.

Looking forward to seeing this progress.


Any better?

The details are looking much better. Its quite dark though. Even if you’re going for a nighttime image, you can still keep it well lit. Using blue lighting gives an image a dark, cool feel while still allowing the viewer to see everything that’s going on in the image. Also, using that background image of the clouds creates a conflict in lighting sources. See how the bottoms of the clouds are lit? That eludes to a bright light source over the horizon (setting/rising sun/moon perhaps). This would create a rim light on the plane too, top rim not bottom like the clouds. I think it could still use quite a bit more specular on the paint too. Keep it up!

Some thing like this always put the moon.

You sure like moons.

The last render is too dark. Make it more like RNS’s edit, with a key light and more blue tones.


Anyways, I actually like the dark sinister clouds in the background. You should really work on the textures. I think the camouflage texture could use a little fading. Also, the plant life should be a bit more varied and seamlessly integrated into the scene.

Yep,the plants don‘t look good. I‘ll give them more work.