Midi and OSC feed into the game engine


I’m on osx and have been following up the links on here to find
support for OSC and midi controls in the game engine

It seems either the resources are broken, age abandoned
or too complicated (i’m a novice at python)

I use quartz composer and pure data a lot as
well as midi hardware and would like to get Blender
involved in what I produce.

What would you like to do with your hardware? There is a possibility you can grab a bytestream from either your midi file or midi hardware, and parse it in python to a format you/the game engine can work with.
Quite frankly, python is the only solution for custom interfaces withthe game.

I have various midi devices and use OSC
which I use in real time performances (and VJ’ing)

I realise is the solution and numerous threads have touched
upon it - some offering solutions that no longer work.

There seems to be a gap on the MAC as apps like touch designer
are not ported to MAC OS

I will keep looking at existing scripts but I don’t know if anyone
is cracking on with developing these as I don’t know python.

It seems some of the older scripts do work but need to altered in a bespoke fashion for OSC